Dustin D.
Saginaw, MI
Joined June 2019
Tranquil and Great for the fall

This camp site is really cool and makes for a greta weekend escape from reality.  There is a trail network that cuts through the forest of the campground, which is a nice plus and rests peacefully on the shores of Black Lake.  There is a wide variety of tree species throughout the campsite, which is nice, including these towering conifers.  The campsite also features a really nice beach, with a community campfire area, and good showers.  Because of the size and the design/layout of the campsite it really takes you away from reality and puts you right into the wilderness where you can relax, unwind, and hangout with fellow campers.  I would definitely recommend this place, especially in the fall because the trees changing colors really adds a nice element to this campground.  The only thing to not was that our site, site 5, had a really rock ground beneath the dirt which made it difficult to stake our tent down.

Remote and Scenic

This campground has no running water, so no showers or anything fancy so if you like having those amenities this is not for you, but it takes you into the wilderness and into the beauty of the remote forests of the Upper Peninsula.  It is a peaceful and quite campground with a lake and a river, and beach it is away from everything the stars at night really shine here.  The caretakers and really cool and nice people.  What made it for me though was just the fact that it was away from everything and gave you a break from reality and society and just took you into nature.  If you like getting away and roughing it, then this a great campground to pitch up your tent or camper and having a relaxing trip.

Great Base for a Weekend of Exploring the Porkies

The big thing about this campground is the size of it.  Positioned on a hill like feature, It has an hill-top section and a bottom of the hill section.  Some of the sites at the bottom are a little rocky, so not great for tent camping, but for campers this would be an ideal location for it overlooks Lake Superior.  The top section is great for tent camping for it had an abundance of grassy sites.  This is a very picturesque campground and one that is a great place to call home for a multiple day adventure to the Porcupine Mountains and has amenities such as showers and restrooms.  It really takes you away into nature and provides a unique view of Lake Superior from a beach of stone.

Serene and Movie Like

Positioned at a good distance from the town of Munising, meaning far enough so you feel disconnected, but still close enough to were you can quickly reach the town, this campground is easily one of the best in the area and one of my favorites.  Complete with entities such as showers, this campground overlooks Grand Island and various other smaller islands, resting in Lake Superior, it really makes you feel like you are in a movie.  One of the hidden gems of this campground is the rustic tent sites, which allow you to camp on the beach, have fires on the beach under the stars, and wake up to the sound of gently crashing waves.  It also is a good size campground, creating the family neighborhood atmosphere and with the way it is designed and the view it gives, it helps make connect with nature and fellow campers in a cool way.  If you want to explore Pictured Rocks, and camping is your thing, this is the place to go.