Dionna F.

Wichita, KS

Joined July 2019

I like turtles! My favorite part of camping is trying to cook on the open fire. I use a Dutch oven, cast iron skillets, foil, and sticks. If you have any tips, I’m all ears (of corn - haha)

You know you’ve been camping too much when....

….the camp host offers you dog food and asks if your homeless….haha

Bluestem Point Rocks & Rolls! My SOBF (significant other boyfriend) and I have camped here over six times. We didn’t even leave when they had the semi-floods and crazy lightning storms in May & June 2019 (and we only live 30 minutes away). The picnic tables are great because they are shaped like a sail and you can turn them to block the wind or sun. You can also put a tarp on top and block out the rain. The camp hosts (Bob and Jean) are so friendly and accommodating. They also keep the place spic and span.