Easy camping

You gotta love Indiana dunes national lakeshore! A quick drive from chicago this campsite is a real good place to get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors. It’s one of my favorite places to go within an hour’s drive. The campsite has everything you need. Modern bathrooms and showers, running water. Good for tent camping. It’s clean and a quick drive to a quiet beach at Beverly Shores. I highly recommend!

Super isolated

Spent one night here with my dog. I was looking for a place to unplug and I sure got what I was looking for. Have to admit I was a bit out of my element for tent camping at this location. There were others camping at this site with RVs, a boat and off road vehicles. They were more prepared for the wilderness! They told me about a pack of wolves roaming around and how they would snatch up my pup if given the opportunity and my girl had a growl off with something in the woods that night. Might have been a wolf! Mosquitos were crazy and there were some giant turtles that seemed to be taking over the whole area. Beautiful view of the big lake.

Amazing location

Absolutely breathtaking beach side sites. Came in late June during the week and getting a spot was easy. The sites are close together. but had our own private trail that lead to the beach. Quiet for the most part and campers respected privacy. Found wolf prints not far from our site on the beach. Can’t wait to visit again!