dh W.
East Lansing, MI
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Beautiful, quiet, peaceful.

We came back to Sleepy Hollow and stayed in sites A&B with our girl scout troop. It was a totally different experience than when I stayed in site C earlier this year. The site is level, beautiful, and poison-ivy free. It was well-maintained, and we enjoyed every minute. It was very quiet, and there are very few lights in the area, so we had a great view of the sky. I would highly recommend this site.

Loud, party campground with loud artillery noise from Camp Grayling.

If you're looking for a beautiful, quiet, secluded place to camp, this is most definitely not it. Lake Margrethe is a large lake full of power boaters, jet skiers, and folks on pontoon boats drinking heavily, and the campground is full of folks who bring enormous RV's (despite the sites only being appropriate for tents medium-sized rigs) and their loud music speakers. Maybe it was our mistake for visiting on a Friday night, but it was absolutely terrible. It felt like we were plopped down into folks' family reunion bbq's. The enormous group on one side was drinking until very late and the folks on the other side were getting stoned (which was fine except I had to explain the smell to my kid).

On top of that, nearby Camp Grayling provided almost constant noise from machine gun fire. The folks at the next campsite kept drunkenly yelling "Hold Your Fire!!!" and then laughing uproariously. It was hilarious, guys, thanks. To be fair, the artillery sounds ended around 8 PM and started up again at 9 AM (on a Saturday morning).

If you need another reason not to go, there is a health advisory about swallowing any of the foam in the water because of PFAS contamination. So, although the site was absolutely beautiful to look at, the rest of the surroundings made it a terrible location. We will never, ever be going back.

Rustic campground - some sites are better than others

The rustic sites at Sleepy Hollow are new this year (at least that's what I was told), but they don't seem particularly new or well-maintained. They really vary, site to site, and the one that we stayed in, site C, was the worst of all. It had no grass and was just gravel and dirt, plus there was PLENTY of poison ivy. The tent pad had weeds all over it and it was unusable, and the rest of the site was very sloped. We ended up sleeping at a strange angle. Also, whoever had camped there previously had decided not to bother using the port-a-potty or vault toilets and had left poop on one edge, which was revolting. That being said, the sites are very quiet because they are far removed from the busy car-camping campground. We only saw a couple of other people while we were there, and the view of the lake was beautiful. Next time I'd choose any of the other sites.