DeWayne H.

Lawrenceville , GA

Joined April 2019

Waterfalls and breathtaking views

I went with a group of seven and we hiked the Collins Rim Trail and the Collin Gulf Trail Loop. We had a blast. The weather wasn’t the best, temps in the mid 30’s and rained the whole first day. The Collins Rim Trail was about 8 miles to our campsite and then 4 miles out on the Loop Trail. You do have to reserve a campsite, even though someone else took ours, there were plenty of campsites available due to the weather. Parts of the trail were moderately difficult due to the geography and other parts were made more difficult from the rain. Overall this is an amazing place to day hike or even camp like we did. The views were amazing and the waterfalls, lots of water falls! We will definitely be back!

Beautiful and quite.

This place is a great place for family reunions or birthday parties. They even do Easter egg hunts every year. Also, for those that are into Geocashing, there are a few you could find here. This place has some nice trails and plenty of pavilions for large groups. You can tent camp or bring your RV. They have access to the Chattahoochie River for kayaking and fishing as well. This is a beautiful and quite place to enjoy some time in the sun.

Basically a “little hole in the wall”

This place is small but has a lot to offer. They have RV hookups and putt putt golf. They offer cabin rentals and a lake “beach” for swimming and paddle boat rentals. I usually come here to grill out for family events and to do some fishing. Not a bad little place to visit.

So close to me and I love it.

Lived in Georgia my whole life and yet my first time to Stone Mountain was literally three years ago. Now we have an annual pass and go all the time. This place is world renowned for its fireworks and laser show but you have to go off the pavement to truly fall in love with Stone Mountain! This place is great for everyone. I mean everyone, from free runners to hikers and all you folk that like to “camp” in your RVs. Visit this place anytime of year and you will not be disappointed. Apparently it’s rated #1 as the best place to camp in Georgia. I’m more into the nature only kind of camping but that’s not everyone’s cup a tea. Stone Mountain has something for everyone.

Found this place by accident! It glad we did.

So my wife and I were trying to find a place we had previously been to and stumbled upon Sawnee by accident. We are adventurous so we decided to give it a try. We were amazed at everything this park has to offer. They literally have everything you could ask for. Swimming, fishing, and camping. I think they even have boat ramps. As for us we are avid hikers so we stuck to the trails. There are a few trails that interconnect so we hike for hours(which we loved). Although we did not camp we are definitely coming back to do so. Sawnee has over flirty camp sites to include some walk-in sites. I think there is a small fee to camp but it is worth it. We went in the middle of the week when it wasn’t crowded but I could see this place filling up on a weekend. Sawnee has places to grill along with picnic tables and water stations and restrooms. For those that love nature but want a touch of home they have water and electrical hookups available. It’s also pet friendly. I definitely want to come back and spend a weekend hiking and camping and fishing.

Off the beaten path!

I wish I could have visited before Hurricane Maria!! This place is absolutely beautiful! Some trails were blocked off due to damage from Maria but what we did get to experience was well worth our time! I was lucky and had a local friend that took us to some places that most tourists don’t know about. Although we weren’t allowed to camp we still had an amazing time. From the water falls and beautiful foliage to the Coqui sing for us all day. We saw a lot of guided groups on the trail so I was glad I know a local. The trails are clean and well maintained even in spite of the recent hurricane. I can’t wait to go back!!

Beautiful! Such an awesome place to soak up some nature.

My wife and I have been to Raven Cliffs a few times but never camped. Well we finally decided to do an overnighter and it was well worth the blowout we had on the interstate and the creepy tow truck driver and the Walmart tire center that was closed but fixed our tire anyway! But Raven cliffs offers both walk-in campsite and a lot of hike to camp sites. The trail has some great views and different terrain from small creek crossings to some steep hills and valleys. There is a restroom and trash receptacles at the trailhead and they are very close to the walk-in camp sites. There is plenty of room for group camping at both the walk-in and hike to sites. The trail is also pet friendly so you get to see a lot of pups on the trail. If you want a walk-in campsite and it’s the weekend, you better get there early. We arrived at dusk on a Friday and got the last walk-in site available. Overall, I highly recommend coming here and staying a night or two! Love this place.

One of my favorite trails in Georgia

Panther Creek was honestly my trip into the world of hiking and backpacking (aside from my military experience). But mice wife got me into hiking again and now we are backpacking a lot! Panther Creek has become probably my favorite place for a great weekend. The hike in campsites are plentiful and most already have fire rings. The trail is well maintained and always clean. Lots of great views here! The falls are a great spot to string up a hammock and just enjoy nature to the fullest. This place is pet friendly and you will see a lot of friendly pups on the trail. At the trailhead you do have s bathroom for those that don’t plan to stay overnight or just want the convenience. Overall Panther Creek is a must see must hike!

Breath taking. From the views to the hike back up! Lol

Cloudland is absolutely beautiful!! I used to come up to this area every summer growing up but never visited the park. I’m so glad my wife recommended we actually go to the park. I’ll be honest, the hike down to the falls wasn’t to bad. The hike back up was pretty difficult. Tons of stairs. But the trails down by the falls were nice and level and very scenic. When we went it was pretty dang cold but because we were down in the valley we didn’t get much wind.

I love that Cloudland is pet friendly as well. We can’t have a dog right now but we got to see many friendly pups on the trail. It’s also really nice that Cloudland has areas with vending machines because I always forget something. The hike in camp sights are nice. They have picnic tables, which is nice for us because we normally eat on the ground with the trails we do. Overall Cloudland was awesome and I will definitely be going back.