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Needs Improvement

Located in a beautiful part of central Virginia, this campground gives you lots of options for sightseeing. It is definitely worth a trip to the Natural Bridge. The nearby town of Lexington has many historic buildings, and the town seems very dog-friendly. The campground is kept very clean, and the staff is very helpful. However, the sites are small and not leveled well. Although my camper is only 15’ long, I ran out of shims trying to level my rig. I watched a fifth wheeler spend two hours trying to position his rig so that it could be leveled. The store is friendly, but doesn’t stock much variety. Given the beauty of the area, I would go back, but I would insist on seeing the site before trying to set up. There is a wonderful country store (Lynne’s) close buy with great produce and meats. Be sure to check out the famous Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington.


This was the second time we went here. Last year, we really enjoyed our stay. Chincoteague is a beautiful area, with lots to do. This year, the price has more than doubled. Their excuse is that now that they have a Waterpark, they are now a KOA Resort. All well and good if you are looking for that type of thing, but the campground has changed as well. The sites are smaller and closer together. Full hookup only means electric, water and sewer. Although many sites have CATV, not all do. Speaking of sewer, a mild rainstorm during the night caused the septic system to overflow, inundating many of the campsites with black water. When I spoke to one of the camp employees, his reply was that the storm water runs into the septic system, and there isn’t anything they can do about it. I have never experienced this in any other campground. Most of the camp employees are very kind and helpful, but the office staff is indifferent. If you go, check your site before accepting it - most RV/trailer sites are fine unless it storms. There is lots to do in the area, and many great restaurants on the island. Be sure to check out Mr. Whippys! Restrooms and laundry are well maintained.

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Very nice

Somewhat crowded

staff was very nice. Lots of places around to go sightseeing. Most of the area isn’t dog friendly, so be careful if you take your pet. No problem at the campground


Beautiful campground, excellent staff. Surrounded by farms and pasture land.


This is by far the worst KOA that I have ever been to.

The sites are crammed together and not leveled well. Their attempt to level the sites caused huge bumps and I bottomed out trying to leave.

The staff is rude, and hard to find. There is only one bathroom facility, located at the entrance, so it is quite a walk to get there. The bathroom was filthy, the water pressure was abysmal in the showers and the”store” was poorly stocked and way overpriced.

Fortunately, I was only scheduled to stay one night.

Not a place I will ever go back to!👎

Excellent campgrounds

A wonderful place. Well spaced sites, clean and level.

Camp store is well stocked. The owner used to manage a Crackle Barrel, and the store is similar to the stores there.

I had a problem with the outside shower on my camper, and one of the staffers found a part that I needed and just gave it to me.

The facilities are well designed, clean and conveniently spaced throughout the park.

This will be one of my “return “ campgrounds.

Absolutely Beautiful !

Beautiful campground. Sites are well spaced, level, and private.

Showers are clean, laundry room is well arranged and they even provide magazines.

The only problem we encountered in our stay was that there were carpenter bees eating the picnic table. I reported that to the hosts, who were very sympathetic and promised to take care of it.

We will definitely come back