Dennis K.
Tucson, AZ
Joined June 2018
Bring your bicycle

Stayed here for a scout outing and I am not sure how I've managed to stay away since.

Honestly because this park is basically in my backyard is the only reason I haven't returned. I know that sounds stupid, but you know how we take our local area for granted. Otherwise, I would love to spend a weekend or two in this spacious, clean jewel. Nice facilities and paved roads make it easy to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Don't forget your bicycles either. Regardless if you just pedal around the park or if you venture out into bike friendly Tucson you will love it here.

Windy Hill Will Blow You Away

The ramp on the end of Windy Hill was closed due to low water, but seeing that we are more "floaters" than we are boaters that was fine. If we were boaters a usable ramp was a minute or two away. We like to put on life jackets and just float in the refreshing cool water so the end of the closed boat launch was heaven for us.

Make sure you secure EVERYTHING at your camp or you will come back to an unpleasant surprise when you return from you lake fun.

There were no hook-ups where we were, but we didn't need then anyway. The showers were large and clean but had no temperature control. I was bracing my self for a freezing cold lake shower, but was taken by surprise with an endless supply of hot water. This would have been nice if I were returning to an air conditioned RV instead of a tent, but I'm not complaining.

The toilet was clean and was much easier on the nose than the outhouses common in campgrounds. Ahh, the joys of modern plumbing.

Overall, I enjoyed this clean, well-kept campground. The 107 degree wind felt like the inside of a convection oven, but it comes and goes and seems to be mostly calm in the mornings and after sundown.

Well worth a visit.

Ps. It was not very busy when we were here. Large crowds could possibly change how nice the toilets and showers stay.