Dawn C.
San Tan Valley , AZ
Joined May 2018
Unexpectedly Awesome

I had family coming to visit & we planned to drive up to the Grand Canyon to camp when the road was closed due to snow. We searched for a different camping option but there was snow everywhere so we ended up here. It wasn't what was planned but it was amazing. My family had a great time & even climbed the Flat Iron. There were little kangaroo rats, bunnies, the sounds of coyotes, & stars were amazing. Definitely will go back for more.

Many Memories

My family has camped here so many times. It's one of our favorite places.


We camped by the lake… there was sooo much dust & so many flies. The water was beautiful & perfect for swimming.

The Rubicon

My family had a great time on the Rubicon & camping on the lake. My little brother caught his first fish here! Great memories.

By the beach

My family & I went camping here many years ago. We heard the waves & I even ran into a baby seal on the beach. It was a nice place to camp.

Family Camping

Growing up, my family & family friends would camp here many times. My dad would go diving for abalone & we would cook it over a campfire. We would spend the days hiking & exploring. We have many great memories here.

Elk Everywhere!

My father came to town & none of us have ever seen the Grand Canyon so we decided to camp at Mather. It was my husband's & my toddler's first time camping. My daughter wanted to chase the elk, build rock towers, & explore EVERYTHING. It was amazing to watch her learn & explore. During the day we saw elk raming around the grounds & through our site. At night we heard the elk walking around in our campsite & calling across the grounds. We had a fantastic time, even in the cold, & my husband is now very very excited to plan more camping & hiking trips.