David F.

St. Johns, MI

Joined September 2018

Living abroad in a RV mostly off the grid

Fun Adventure

September 9th 2017 I hosted a Kayak/Canoe trip and we used this location for our landing and camping. It was a great little location that even had some river side cabins you could rent.

The amount of nature was overwhelming. Lots of turtles and ducks to be seen.

The staff was friendly and aviable when needed, was very welcoming as they did live on site. I will be returning to this location.

Worth the Hike

You can access by boat or its a 1 mile hike. very peaceful, there is only 10 site and pit toliets.

Lots of nature, seen a lot of colorful fungas. we did 2 kayak trips while we stayed and was great to have landing so near sites.

I do recommend going by boat as the hike with gear will wear you out.

We are making this a yearly trip as it was such a good time. other campers mingled with us as a great time was had by all

One of the coolest things I couldn't get a picture of, there is a bioluminescent fungas out there. at night we seen some blue chips glowing, upon unvetigatio it was from wood we had chopped. we found a log that was full of it. it's pictured but at day so you can't see its blue glow.

Great Events

I attended a Kayak for a concert event here. The event was a blast.

Camping was nice, site where clean as well as bathrooms where above par.

The river offered was a nice semi urban views. We pulled 18 tires out of the river on this event.

Peaceful and Rustic

3rd night here in mid September and it's very peaceful, there is a nearby gun range but you can barley hear.

Some of the trials are hard to find, but this disc golf here is one of the best courses I have played.

The little views along the Hiking path are great. They say the can only fit 30 foot rvs but I was able to get my 33 foot in 2 sites. about 5 sites I seen can accommodate larger rvs.

Nature is where it's at

I frequent this park if I am camping or not. decent disc gof course and access to Lake Ovid is great, miles of trails to hike/bike/ride horses. Hosts are very friendly and is always a joy to talk with the rangers

Great for the Family

This place is great for the family, lots of events on the weekend including fireworks or movies on there big screen. Nice private beach and they even have floating trampoline to play on.

I think the lake is fully private so no license required to fish. and it's stocked.

They have some nice little cabins and pontoon boats you can rent.