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Nice Campground

This is a nice campground with lots of trees and shade. It's located right in the middle of the park and very close to trailheads and attractions like the ancient hieroglyphics on the rock walls. We took a really nice drive scenic drive into canyons and really cool rock formations. I would like to go back here and spend some more time to explore the park.

Nice Campground, Beautiful Lake

I stayed 3 nights here in one of the RV sites with my pop up trailer. The spot I had was plenty big enough for my trailer and there was still room to spare. It's only a short walk from the campsites to the restaurant, store, and marina. Koocanusa is beautiful lake with great fishing. Restaurant food was really good and the bar had great service. Seems like it could be a really fun place for some nightlife. I hope to stay here again some time in the future.

Great Location, Great park

I was only able to spend a short time here on my Utah National Park road trip this year but I really fell in love with this place. It was a little cold when I was here but that just meant fewer people to deal with. The campground is centrally located in the park, not far from the entrance or town. You can also make it to Sunrise Point in just a few minutes (driving) to watch the sun come up. Watching the sunrise here was one of the major highlights of my 10 park trip. It is absolutely breath taking. Another great point is all the way at the end of the road, probably 30 minute drive, and it's called rainbow point. If you feel like going to town to visit the gift shop or have a hot meal, there are several amenities within minutes of the campground.

Open spot in the desert... That's about it

I only spent one night here while on a road trip to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. If you are looking for amenities, shade, or pavement, this isn't the place for you. It's just a few open areas large enough for an RV to park. Some call it bookdocking. If you just need a place to sleep one night, this could be a good spot. As I recall, it was about 40 minutes from the caverns.

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Nice KOA, close to casinos

This is a nice KOA in a convenient location. I stayed there while attending the races at Bonneville Salt Flats. Unfortunately they got rained out but it was still a nice trip. The campground is tucked away behind all of the big Casinos, probably walking distance. The sites are large and spaced out so it felt pretty private. There is a pool, and showers so it's not exactly roughing it. I'd say it's a nice compromise if you don't feel like spending money on a hotel in that area.

Great Area

I really like this part of Montana. I stayed in the dispersed area for 4 nights and really enjoyed the seclusion here. The campsite is about 6.5 miles off the highway which feels pretty far once you get there. Bathrooms were ok, about as clean as you would expect a campground bathroom to be. This is a great central location if you are interested in checking out some of the hiking trails in the area. The Fisher River is also close by and there is no camping fee.

Close to South Rim. Amazing Scenery.

This campground seems to me the most popular at the South rim. It is in a great central location. Very close to The Rim Trail, Desert View Dr., Visitors center, and the town of Tusayan where you can find anything you might need, including the Imax Theater and helicopter tours. If you are lucky enough to visit here on a clear night, you can expect to see a spectacular night sky. Don't stay up too late though, you'll want to be up to watch the sun come up over the canyon. Probably the best sunrise I've ever watched.

Cool Campground. Lots of hiking.

Great campsites with lots of space and beautiful scenery. We had a HUGE site (#122) with a creek running right behind it. The spots are spread out pretty nicely but the noise can be pretty bad due to echoing effects. I think it just depends on your neighbors. We had a huge group of people in the sites around us so noise was pretty bad. There are LOTS of hiking trails in the park. We only did one day hike but I would really like to go back and do some more exploring here.

Ranger Review: Cotopaxi Luzon 18L DayPack at Sunrise High Sierra Camp

Campground Review: It's 8 miles from Tuolumne Meadows to the Sunrise High Sierra Camp. You can either hike and camp in the backpackers camp, or make a reservation and have yourself and all of your gear hauled up there on the back of a horse. Regardless of how you get there, you are sure to be blown away with the stark beauty and solitude offered by the Yosemite back country. If you are planning a backpacking trip through this area, I'd plan to spend one night here. There are toilets and drinking water available. Also, I was told from another backpacker that after breakfast is served to the paying guests at the dining tent, backpackers can pay cash for any food that is leftover. Could be very appealing if you've been eating trail food for a few days. If you want to experience Yosemite without tour buses, crowds of people, traffic, & noise, get here. You won't regret it.

Gear Review: I received the Cotopaxi Luzon 18L DayPack through my Cairn subscription in the June box. This is a great day pack! I recently brought it on a 4 day backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park. What I liked most about it was how small I could pack it down. I really wanted to bring a day pack on the trip because we had planned to hike to the summit of Clouds Rest as a day hike. Because we had the Cotopaxi, we could leave our heavy packs at camp and throw our water, food, first aid, map, compass, & cameras in the day pack. When we weren't using the bag, we could pack it away without using up too much valuable space (and weight) in the large pack. The bag folds into itself and compresses to about the size of a folded T-shirt. It's very light but durable and comfortable to wear. My only critique would be that because it's so light and compressible, there is really no rigidity or padding on your back. This is just a compromise you have to make in order to have such a light pack. Overall this is a great product. I look forward to using it on more hiking adventures.

Beautiful. Better than Yosemite Valley campgrounds

I stayed one night here before embarking on a backpacking trip through the Yosemite back country. Anyone with a wilderness permit can spend the night before their trip in the backpackers camp behind the main campground loop. It is a very short walk to the general store and Tuolumne Meadows Grill. The campsites all seemed pretty big with lots of space. Bathrooms were also clean and well kept. There is a large community fire pit where they have Ranger led campfire talks which are great for families. In my opinion, this campsite is much more enjoyable than any of the sites down in Yosemite Valley.

Nice Campground

This is a nice campground in a great part of California with lots of hiking and beaches nearby. The bathrooms were clean and well kept. My only critique would be that the sites are pretty small and very close together. We were in site #66 and the adjacent sites were very close.

Good Campground. Great Location.

When planning our trip to Death Valley, I didn't really pay much attention to this campground. I really thought we would get a spot at Furnace Creek because we were going in what I thought was an off time (late March). However, Furnace Creek was full when we arrived so we ended up at Texas Springs. I really liked it. It is far enough away from Furnace Creek to make you feel somewhat isolated but close enough to go get some ice or check out the Visitors Center. It is also a great central location in the park. Just about all of the main attractions in the area are within a 45 minute drive. That may seem like a long drive but the park is huge. Overall, I think I would prefer this site over Furnace Creek or Stovepipe Wells.

Nice Campground. LOTS of noise.

I stayed here for 3 nights on 4th of July weekend. I really liked the campground location and layout but I was pretty disappointed with the level of noise throughout the night. It seems to be the standard at most of the popular national park campgrounds. It's just what happens when you have over 100 campsites in a relatively small area. That being said, hearing a car alarm going off over and over can really take away from your wilderness experience. We stayed at sites 132 & 133 with a group of 12 people and had plenty of room for our group. We were right next to the bathroom which was nice when you had to go, but not so nice when you can hear people walking through your camp all night going to use the bathroom. Bathrooms were pretty clean and had flushing toilets.

Good location. Close to visitor's center and General Grant tree trail. It is also a good central location if you are interested in seeing Cedar Grove and Lodgepole areas. You are about 1 hr from each at this campground. Azalea campground is very close by and appears to be similar to this one.

Overall, I usually go to the National Parks to enjoy the sights, trails, & back country, not my campsite. My experience in the park was still great even though I didn't really care for the campground. I felt lucky to have a campsite within the park close enough to all of the attractions and amenities. If total piece and serenity is what you are looking for, look into back country camping.

Decent Camp

I spent one night here while visiting Guadalupe Mountains in late February. The campground was pretty close to full when we got there so we got one of the last spots available. We had to park about 50 feet from our camp and carry all of our stuff in. It wasn't a very big deal but mildly inconvenient. The campsites are very small and surrounded by thick brush. Even though the sites are pretty close together, the brush helps to isolate you from other campers. There are pit toilets at the end of the campground which were clean and well kept. It is a short walk to the park visitors center. Overall this campground is pretty decent.

Best Campground in Joshua Tree

I have camped here two times. Once on Thanksgiving weekend and once on New Years weekend. I really like this campground. The large rock formations in the park help to isolate the campsites from each other even though they are pretty close to one another. I would consider most sites to be "tent sites", but I have seen some 25'+ RV's in the campground. There are a couple of nice trails that start at the campsite which allows you to explore the area without having to drive anywhere. The Skull Rock trail starts near the middle of the campground and is a really nice hike, especially at night. You can also walk out into the desert for a nice view of the sunrise. There are several bathrooms placed throughout the campground and they are as clean and pleasant as you can expect a pit toilet to be. It is worth noting that because this is one of the more popular camps in the park, it fills up quickly and doesn't take reservations. Happy camping!

Beautiful Lake

Great campsites right on the water! The lake is pretty small but there is a lot of sandy beach access right near the campsites. Fishing has been pretty good every time I go here. It is only about a 30 minute drive up to the Kings Canyon National Park Visitor Center and all of the amenities offered in Grant Grove, including the General Grant Tree. Great spot overall, definitely feels like a national park.

Awesome camping on the water!

Got a great spot right on the water for our weekend camping trip. Plenty of space at our camp site for two full size tents. Great fishing, we caught 3 catfish and and 2 crappie. Water was much clearer than other lakes I have been to in Oklahoma. We decided to forgo a power hookup for a better view of the lake and ended up spending $14/per night, which I’m glad we did. They also have site with full water and power hookup. Turner falls is just down the road, where you can enjoy the view of some amazingly formed natural waterfalls, and if you’re up to it they allow sliding and swimming in the waterfalls. Some great spots for hiking are available in all levels of expertise as well. This place is a great stop if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the Oklahoma outdoors.

Not what I expected

This area was hot and the bugs were pretty terrible. The Rio Grande itself was pretty underwhelming too. There are some cool trails around the area but it was hard to enjoy in the heat. The nights and mornings were pretty nice but around 11 AM it got pretty bad. There are some hot springs close by too if you feel like a hot soak on a hot day.

Amazing Campsite

I really loved this spot. The best spots are at the very top of the hill at the end of the road. Those spots offer a 360 degree view of the desert floor to the west, and the mountains to the east. Depending on how far you want to walk, there is access to several of the park's arches right from the campsite. Beware of Ravens! They are extremely cunning and can open up food packaging and rubber maid type storage totes. I recently visited all of the National Parks in Utah & Texas and this was my favorite campsite.

Better than Watchman

I only spent one night here but I still prefer it to Watchman. The sites are spaced out more and it's a little further from the noise of the road and town. Keep in mind that the park service does not allow gathering of firewood so you are forced to buy it by the bundle in town for $7-$8 each. The wood sucks, we burned through at least 2 bundles in one night.