Danielle O.
Beaverton, OR
Joined March 2017
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Good quiet spot

The bathrooms here are very well maintained and it was very quiet. The park was entirely campers and RVs, so our tent seemed out of place. The sites are close to the road, but it stayed pretty quiet and we could hear the river.

It was mostly ok

There was more privacy here than we were expecting, so that was good. The bathrooms were good, but often really far away. What really sucked though is that a common Yellowstone storm hit while we were away and blew our tent over and soaked everything. We were able to dry everything eventually, but I was a little disturbed that no one helped us, including not a single one of the 3 hosts on site, I also found them to be slightly on the rude side when we checked in. Bring guidelines and rope because there was no easy way to stake our tent in the rocky ground.

Fantastic tent site

This was an amazing tent site. A little windy at night, but I loved falling asleep to the sound of the wind and waves breaking as we were right next to the water. The sunset was beautiful and the campground stayed quiet until after 8 so we were able to sleep in. Bathroom is a vault toilet with too many bugs, but oh well, it's camping.