Dani F.
Portland, OR
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World traveller from Hungary
Campsite was closed

We did a 1 hr detour to go to this camp, but it was closed. We were really mad as we checked on the website, recreation.gov and multiple places to book a place, but we thought one can't reserve but has to be first come first serve. They didn't state anywhere that it's closed for renovation, so we did the detour and ended up only checking out the lake

Gets sold out super quickly

Located by the beautiful Trillium lake, the view from there is unreal. Gets sold out really quickly, we were lucky to get there at 9am and reserve a spot at someone's site who was just checking out.

awesome location, super basic though

On the way to Kiwanis Camp by the road there are spots and as far as we understood, those are for camping, though there was no sign for them. It's at a really great location as it's 3 minutes to Little Zig Zag Falls path also fairly close to Government Camp

Superb camp with awesome amenities

We were so glad we found this campsite, it looks really nice, located by the nice Trucker river, there are sites right next to the river too.

For the price you get showers, drinking water, normal toilets and a clean environment. You can pay with card to with their vending machine which was also super convenient.

Overall one of the best camps we stayed in yet

Ok camp at perfect location

We were lucky and found a spot on Saturday, it's an okay camp, without anything special. Sites are spacious and neighbors are in a nice distance so you get a remote feeling, still we were missing normal toilets and showers.

Location is superb, close to a lot of hike trails/lakes/city probably the best in the area

Beautiful location, but part of the camp is closed

We tried to go to the GPS location stated at this listing but at one point the road was closed. We tried a different route and found couple of camping spots but without any signs. Luckily there was an other car camping there so we settled, and after all it was a beautiful location!

First camp we camped in Oregon

Really nice chill camp with a lot of spots, fire pits. You can camp right by the river, only problem there are a lot of mosquitos, but hey, it's by a river

Really cool camp at the best location

Located right next to a natural bridge, where the water goes under the floor in a lava tube. Insane

ok camp at awesome location

We arrived late in the evening and accidentally ended up at the free side of the camp, it was totally fine just there was no picnic table, still there was a grill spot. Awesome location, in general I recommend it