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Beyond Nature

If you clamor to get out in the wild, then get your tail to the Everglades. Long Pine is one of my favorites, with lakes and endless trails. Just bring a friend! There are too many things that go 'bump in the night'. There are gators everywhere, as you can see in the pictures, video. Also, this is a habitat for the Florida Panther. So bring a friend! and make your presence known, you don't want to startle any of these big beasts.

Everglades is abound with adventures, you can see alligators performing strange mating rituals, rare birds, and really get a feel for what true wild nature is all about.

If you're crazy, bring a canoe and try out the lakes and rivers which have huts available for camping on your big journey into the glades. Any way about this one, bring a friend.

wild wild wild everglades

This is pure nature, you really have to make sure you're prepared for this place. No-See-Ums and mosquitos will eat you alive. I can still feel them crawling on me. The effects of hurricanes are visible everywhere.

The Flamingo Campground is rather overgrown, neglected and unstaffed, and few of the bathrooms are open… which adds to its charm! You want to camp at Lone Pine anyway! but for the full Everglades experience, go ahead and visit Flamingo, just make sure its open.

Breathtaking Gooseneck.

The view from the top was spectacular! I went to the gooseneck because it was a part of the group tour itinerary. Of all the state and national parks the tour guide took us to, this was definitely my favorite spot. All 30 of us were simply amazed at the view. We enjoyed our dinner while watching the sun set. We didn’t end up camping out as we originally intended to because of rain and storm. But other than that, it was all perfect! There were a couple pretty cool jogging trails along the rim as well. And it was surprisingly very quiet. We were the only people there camping. A beautiful hidden gem!

Free camping and amazing sandstone cliffs near Moab

It may seem like the dirt road you're on will never end, but its worth it. Pack lots of supplies and food, there is literally NOTHING out here(except for some cows and tumbleweed), but that's what makes it great. Tumbleweed galore! Look for the Sunshine wall, and there are plenty of climbs nearby. Camping is free and you'll likely have the whole place to yourself. http://www.summitpost.org/sunshine-wall/875598

Relaxed, quiet, sandwiched between the lake and the mountain

peaceful :) the campground manager is active in getting to know all visitors and ensuring a good rest for all. the view is incredible, literally right by the lake, overlooking gorgeous mountains

lots of spots open on Sunday, weekday, only $20. love it! nearby stores so you can pick up food or rent a bike, paddle board, or hire a tour boat.

Unforgettable Adventure Grounds

Rustic camping paradise. Endless trails, with amazing sights at every bend. Stumble upon rivers, vistas, sunning reptiles, and imagine what its like to be a native, shaking up settlers and hiding from Colonialists.

I can't wait to go back. I went in March and the weather was perfect. Aim for spring or fall, and get in early to find a spot. There's always something available, but get in early to find the good spots, lots of them spread out! COCHISE IS THE BEST!!! Lots of rock climbing too! So much scrambling, bouldering, and trad and sport routes. You'll love it even if you don't climb.

Wonderful camping at high elevation!

I stayed at the Aspen Campground near Jefferson Creek. This particular campground was a little crowded and not very spaced out, but if you do some searching you can find a good roomy camp site. There is a spring to draw fresh water from, and it is quite refreshing.

This is a wonderful place to wander for a whole day. There were heaps of wild strawberries running about, and the were beyond any definition of delicious, so so good! The creek is nice to wander around, and there are many little streams to encounter and listen to while breaking from an amazing hike. Drink lots of water, this campsite is very high.

Beautiful beaches and trails, but nasty boats pollute the water

This place is great. Located in Littleton, CO surrounding man made reservoir Chatfield "Lake". I found camping pretty easily without a reservation in the middle of summer, I guess everyone was going out in the hills. I just needed a place to stop, and it was perfect. DON'T GO SWIMMING IN THE WATER! Unless you accept the risk of getting a sty. There are boats chugging along in here all day long, spewing fuel and exhaust waste into the water. It is nice to lay along the beaches and climb a tall tree. Truly a beautiful place, not to be discounted. Great for a short trip from Denver area without any preparation. I really enjoyed walking along the shore of the reservoir, and had a great time climbing the trees on the east side of the "lake"! FUN FUN FUN!

Glamping in ROMO!

This is a great introduction to Rocky Mountain National Park. The campground is adjacent to the Colorado River, close to the Kauwuneeche Visitor Center and Grand Lake! There are plenty of bathrooms, and they have running water with sinks and toilets. The trails behind the campground follow the mighty Colorado, with plenty of sandy beaches to listen to her wonderful rips and riffles. Enjoy this busy campground as an intro to the area, and if you like something with less people, you can easily find something more rustic nearby. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, means get in early and you can likely find a spot as people leave, but will fill up around 1pm. This part of the park is closed during winter. Enjoy! Additional Highlights nearby : Don't miss Grand Lake - Colorado's largest natural lake!