Dan M.
Pembroke, MA
Joined July 2018
Great family friendly spot

Spent a few nights here this past week. The name is extremely fitting for this campground. It is all about relaxing here and family time. Whether you're floating down the river (with return transport provided), swimming in the well maintained pool (or chasing your toddler back and forth in the kids pool), enjoying the large wooden playground and field, or sitting back with a drink at your site, there is never a moment of worry or stress. it's easy going here and I like that. The family will definitely be making a few return trips, especially with the reasonable drive from the boston area to the grounds.

Perfect base camp for an Acadia adventure

Located on "the quiet side" of Mt Desert Island, Seawall is my preferred campground for experiencing all that Acadia National Park has to offer. While it is an extra 20 minutes drivetime to get to the main area of Acadia that contains Cadillac Mountain, Thunder Hole, and other major attractions, it is more than worth it. Even during peak tourist season, the south side of the island maintains the quintessential quiet new england beach town feel with gorgeous rocky coastline, cool breezes, and about 1/10th of the foot and vehicle traffic you can expect in Bar Harbor. The area also has it's fair share of Acadia attractions including Beech Mountain overlooking Echo Lake, Gilley Field, Seal Harbour, and Acadia Mountain. If you dont mind a quick wait for a parking spot, Bass Harbour Lighthouse at sunset is breathtaking.

The campground itself is a pristine treasure for the early to bed early to rise adventurer. You won't find a speck of litter or waste anywhere on the deceptively large grounds. Loop A is the preferred spot as it is right near the entrance, making getting in and out as easy as pulling out of your driveway, if your driveway led to a picturesque stretch of rocky beach looking out to the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean. If you're lucky like I was, you can catch some great photos of the local bald eagle population soaking up the early morning sun.

You won't see many campfires around, or hear any partying, or run into many of your fellow campers as it stays quiet here 24/7. You will catch the occasional friendly rabbit or deer strolling through and hear coyote packs howling at night. Personally, I could sleep all night listening to those sounds. The only thing that did keep me up at night was the spectacular starscape overhead. The light pollution on the Southside was virtually nonexistent.

Aanyway, I could go on for days about Seawall Campground. If you fall into the Introvert category like me, or are looking for a safer family camping experience (also me), dont even bother looking anywhere else. This place is just an ideal setting for your next Acadia adventure.