D R.
Philadelphia, PA
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The places is lovely, off-season

There is plenty of running water all around. I imagine some, if not all of the clear, cold, running water is potable, but i don't remember ever trying. There's a decent number of camp sites, and as i recall, you're allowed to reserve in advance. They each have a picnic table and fire pit. I recall this being a paid campground, but i don't recall the price -- I assume between 7 & $15. Multiple tents can be set up at one campsite.

It's a good walk to Bagby Hot Springs, through the forest, and over a beautiful wooden bridge overlooking gushing water. And if you wake up before anybody else, it's a lovely place to simply wander around aimlessly. The ferns, evergreens, and waters are nice to gawk at. Even the slugs are worth watching sometimes.

Huge Forest With A Few Designated Tent Sites

This is a good free state forest with maybe 10 (or less) designated tent-camping sites, and designated areas for deer hunting. Each campsite features a picnic table or two, and a fire pit, plus one bundle of firewood. The ground is dirt covered with woodchips and sometimes evergreen needles -- pretty easy to sleep in a tent. There are a couple portapotties in the camping area, which are a few feet from one campsite, or a few blocks from another. There is one water pump. And there are plenty of hiking trails in the state forest, complete with mushrooms, and deer-hunting-stands.

RV camping is not encouraged. Horseriding is encouraged. And you may regret not brining mosquito repellent. The blood-suckers are relentless.

My only beef is that it's a legitimate campground, which means, neighbors. But the neighbors aren't unreasonably close, so it's actually pretty good.