Cyrel T.
Rohnert park, CA
Joined June 2019
An Explorers Camp

With all the hiking available in the area this camp is a wonderful place to spend the night. It's also a great place for the campers with less hiking experience as the nearest parking lot is 1.7 miles away. That said it is 1 mile up a gravel road (not overly steep but def up) then it levels out for the remaining .7 miles.

Site 3 is quite secluded and can easily fit 3-4 tents nicely depending on size. For larger parties site 5 and 6 and 12 are nice and also very shaded.

I would avoid site 1 as the winds tend to Cary the smell from the restrooms.

Site 9 fully exposed to sun.

Camping in a lost world

I have done the hike to this campsite 4 times in 4 years. Each year I anticipate going and each time I do it I find myself asking myself, "why am I putting myself through this torture?" Then I am rewarded with the my goal, The kalalau beach. Campsites are spread out with camping available anywhere in the treeline running the whole length of the nearly half mile long beach. The campsites are fare for being so remote but the real treasure here is in the beach. Sit for a sunset and you will understand. Be aware is an 11 mile hike in and an 11 mile hike out. Do your research and get your permits.