Courtney R.
Marble Falls, TX
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my home away from home

I’ve camped here by myself for 8 years as a small single female. always felt absolutely safe. the park rangers are really on it. they keep track of everyone on the trail and make sure you’ve got enough water.

some of these trails are particularly difficult in terms of drastic elevation change in a short time. the trails can be a bit tricky to follow and after significant rains parts of the trails can be washed out on the backside of the south prong/canyon rim trail.

I usually camp in the south prong primitive tent camping area. there a “primitive bathroom” which is fine. if you camp up closer to the showers there are a ton more people and children.

best to camp here in the fall and even winter. I try to shoot for day lights savings weekends. then it’s not too hot or cold but it can be brutal in the summer. if you’re prepared for it and you can rent camp during a good storm though, it’s pretty awesome.

dogs welcome. watch out for the buffalo. they are not to be messed with. they will jack you up, especially the pack of single bulls haha for obvious reasons. but give them a wide birth and don’t let your dogs bark at them and you should be ok.

Basically Furngully

weekends are super busy so if yoso fan manage during the week it’s better but it is knockout gorgeous.

the water is super cold and be sure to take water shoes or something. it’s all a natural rock pool with spring-fed water so the floor of the pool is very unpredictable and pretty slippery.

there’s a beautiful cave under the water fall and a huge rope swing as well that is fun!

Lively little spot

getting in can be tedious. only one way in and out and the line gets intense on holiday weekends.

tons of great little spots all around this peninsula that are right on the water. one side in particular offers some awesome cliff jumping and there’s usually a ton of people out there. the other side gently slopes into the water and has more spread out camp grounds. but you need to get there early to claim your spot because basically it’s a free for all. there isn’t a way to reserve them really.

also, critical, cash or check only for entrance. they don’t take any card.

dogs are welcome but generally kept on leash. if you’re off on your own and your dog is swimming in the water then they usually let that slide. it’s a good little spot but there’s generally too many people there for me to want to actually camp there. I personally like it to be more remote.