Close to lake

We stayed here suring the annual paddlefest 2019. They had a waterslide down the boat ramp and water trampoline that arent normally there. This year they have added a hammock rack to the campground that holds 9 hammocks. Theyve also added an on site kayak/ paddle board rentals. Dogs are allowed on leash. They do,have running water spigots and bathrooms on site


Camparea review:This area is located a little over 8 miles from the parking area. It is walk or horse ride in only. The hike is not to taxing and there are small streams that cross the trail a couple times if you need to stop and filter water. A few hundred yards from where the camp areas that have been cleared and set up there is ponds or a stream to filter water from. The sites are pretty established with fire pits already made. Finding wood is a lil bit harder so plan on hiking a bit to find some after you've established your camp. The sites are approxamately 12 miles from the summit of kings peak. There are no bathrooms and you must pack everything out so plan for that.

Product review:As a dyrt ranger I periodically receive gear to review. Here is a review of the Primus ETA Light. Having to pack everything in and out this stove was an essential for cooking. It boiled water a lil over 1 minute after lighting. This was easy to light and easy to attach to the fuel bottle. As you can see in the picture my fellow hikers had a jet boil. So doing a side by side comparison my Primus boiled water faster with the same amount in it. The primus lid just sets in the cup but has straining option as the jet boil did not. Mine was a little smaler in size but never did I need to even fill it 3/4s of the way for my meals. So being smaller was an advantage as it cut out weight from my pack.My primus also had the ability to be hung up. The base of the "mug" can stay connected to the fuel and you can easily just untwist the mug if you wish to use it. The whole set up was so light weight though most of the time I just tipped the whole thing over into my dehydrated food bag and didnt have to disconnect anything. The mug keeps things hot but cools quickly once the contents are dumped out. Easy non stick cleaning.

Beautiful Area

This is a pretty open campground located right on the green river. There is a boat dock and a beachy area. All kinds of wildlife can be seen here; big horn sheep, cranes, elk, deer. You can also fish for various types of fish; catfish, carp, and pike. Very pretty area located down in the bottom of a canyon.

First to Review
Very Pretty

So we went up here to stay and it was a busy weekend every site was full! It looks as if theres a big lodge with cabins for sale that are all closed up right now and takes up one side of the lake. We got up there a lil bit lake about 4pm on a Friday and it was amazing! I hadn't been up here since i was a kid and after the very long dirt road drive from the highway I was disappointed to find no spots available. Because of the trek off the main highway and the later hour; we ended up staying on a abandoned logging road. But we were right across from the stream that leads to the lake. All the sites had picnic tables and firepits I hiked around it for a bit to get the feel of it. Some of the sites had amazing views of the water and others from the dam side with the mtns in the background. The roads in and out of the campground are very sharp curves and very narrow. We had to back around sharp curves because we encountered other trailers coming towards us; not a fun encounter or backing up frenzy. I seen 2 bathrooms and went into one to use it and just walked back out, it was one of the worst smelling outhouses ever! It looked clean though so I'm just guessing they cant get a dump station truck in there till after the season is over. Fishing was good. Alot of running room for my dog. Although people did tend to drive pretty fast on all the roads so be cautious with your animals and young kids.

Nice campground

Campground Review:

We came up here to stay for one night. Its $25 a night so for me a lil pricey but then when I walked my dog around the park I can see why it cost that much. There were like 6 bathroom facilities a boat dock and even shower facilities. There are pull through sites, tent sites, and back in camper sites. It was one of the biggest campgrounds I've been in with excellent views. They had a pavilion where we seen tons of wild turkeys. Ken came and let us know he'd seen a mtn lion in the morning and be careful with out dog he didnt want to see it harmed. He went around the entire campground to let everyone with pets know. So good customer service there. The facilities were clean when I was there and I dont know the curcumstances with the last review but I was able to stay in an "R" site just fine. The campground only had like 4 other guests though that night. I would love to go back to this campground next summer when their open again it was really great and you could walk to Flaming gorge!

Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time While I was here I am tesed the Ledlenser MT10 flashlight.

When I first received this flashlight looking at it only being 5" long I though great another silly wannabe flashlight. Except it had a warning label on it to not shine it into peoples eyes. Hmmm Maybe this lil guy might pack a punch I thought. I turned it on during the day and though wow it is kinda bright. . . but the real test came when dark fell! I was astonished at how BRIGHT this light was; it blew any other flashlight or headlamp I've ever owned outta the water! If you pull the head of it u can focus it or make it wide beam its a simple press button on and off. If you press the botton twice or three in succession it gives you a dimmer light each time you push it. It claims to be 1000 lumens and I believe it! It is charged with a plug in charger and is pretty speedy at being charged; the power button turns green when it is fully charged. My only complain is the carrying case that comes with it has to be used without the belt clip you can put on the back of the flashlight. Otherwise its to tight of fit and if your hiking with it in the case it pushes the power button because of the tightness and you'll run your battery dead, without even knowing it. I'd like to see the case fit along with the clip so that you can protect the flashlight without having to remove the belt clip. Please see pictures for brightness inside my tent and outside. FYI we had friends about 200 yards away from us that could see the beam through the trees where they were camped.

Ranger Review: Green Goo at Lagoon R.v. and Campground

Campground review:

This campground is fairly good sized with alot of fully grown trees. But with it being by an amusement park it is packed. It has 2 bathroom facilities. The one towards the front of the campground is larger then the one in the back. Both have fully working showers, no quarters required. They do have a walking path to the amusement park and another just back around the park. There is a small stream in back and we were greeted by 2 peacocks in the morning. At night we were also visited by raccoons so make sure you have everything put away before you head to bed. The park closes at 10pm with an exit only from the park to the campground. Quite time is 11pm but it is not enforced very well. There is a laundry room up front but dont use it unless your going to sit with it the entire time. I put my pillow in came back just 1/2 hour later and it was poof gone. There is also a subway restaurant located up at check in.

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time. I have been testing Green Goo Deodorant and chapsticks. Here is a link to their site check them out!

Here is my Green Goo unscented Deodorant review:

I have been wearing this deodorant or almost a month now. I absolutely love it. I used to have problems with sweating alot so I wanted to switch to an all natural product and see if that helped and it defiantly has! I've stopped sweating almost completely now. It took about 3 days for my body to adjust to something without chemicals in it cause I could smell myself. But after that even with the unscented I havent had any smell or profuse sweating anymore. My biggest concern is when I left it in the tent while we were at the amusement park during the day it did slightly melt and get around the edges of where the cap goes. So it does need to be kept in a cool area only. Also it makes one of my arm pits turn red, only one though and it doesnt itch or burn at all, so I've just continued use lol Don't know if thats from the deodorant itself or a different problem. This does not turn my clothing white either. So I can put it on before I put my shirts on. I will be reordering this when I get low!

Green Goo Citrus Zest Chapstick review:

First off I'm a chapstick freak. I have one on me all the time, in every backpack I own, and any vehicle I may drive. So I can vouche for knowing my chapstick brands. This was the first green go chapstick I have tried. And the verdict is in ITS THE BOMB. I can use this without my lips feeling overly greasy and it doesnt soak in super fast making me feel like i need to constantly apply it. I have used this on very chapped lips and its helped heal them quickly and I still use it for daily use. These are my go to chapsticks to keep in my vehicles because they dont melt! I swear it! I had mine sitting in my car for over 2 weeks and weather was unbearable over 100 degrees outside, so who knows what it was inside in my black leather interior car but it never ever melted. I could jump in and use it like I'd just opened it brand new. I can carry them in my pockets and they dont get so soft when you go to put them on it smears across your face (you know what I mean lol) I will be reordering more of these and the different flavors when I order more Deodorant.

Well taken care of-- New look

Vernal Dinosoar Koa seems like it has a TON of spots crammed into a small are but all of them have green grass, picnic tables, and grills. Some sites have covered awnings some have large shade trees. What I liked about this campground were all the activity options they gave you, unlike some other KOA's I've stayed at. There was a small but functional K-9 park, a kids park, a swimming pool, a jump pad, and they had bike/3 wheeler rentals, and a mini golf coarse. They had a covered patio off of the pool building with picnic tables for use and just on the other side of the jump pad and kids playground they had a HUGE grassy field that you could go throw frisbees on or even fly a kite. They had spots for small RV, Very Large RVs, One special site that came with cable tv, and numerous cabins for rent. If your looking for something just off of the town in Vernal, So you can visit all the great dinosaur attractions, this would be the place. They did have a small store with firewood, some sundries, and tourist gifts. They also have 2 dump stations for $10 a use out front.

Always Busy

This is a great lil campground although I feel like they tried to cram alot of campsites right on top of each other. All sites have picnic tables and firepits with a grill. Its kinda a dry vegetation in the park mostly sage brush and junipers, Some bigger shadier trees towards the lake but you better book those way in advance cause they fill up fast. They have small sites, tent sites, many large pull through sites, and even one small cabin. I did notice 3 bathroom facilities in spread throughout the park though and water spigots throughout. They have recently built a nature trail that runs from the side of the lake around to the front of it so thats a nice lil jont. They do also offer one group site that has a pavilion. This campground is not for anyone that doesnt like to be seen cause most likely you'll have a neighbor right next to you, above you, or below you.

Pig Roasat

My culinary school I recently graduated from decided to go here to set up temporary roasting pit and roast an entire pig. Yes you heard right. So this will be about both my adventure in the campground and the culinary fun we had up there. FYI Do not view all the pictures if you are a lil sensitive to raw meats and such. This canyon actually has multiple campgrounds but I think they all fall under the Uintah canyon campgrounds. Last year as you will see I stayed in the group site for a family reunion this year I experienced the individual site campgrounds. They are nicely spaced and at $5 a night it cant be beat. The campgrounds are mostly maintained by the people staying there and DNR checks up daily to make sure nobodys throwing trash around and being disruptive. All the sites are in the pines so plenty of shade. There is bathroom facilities. River is nearby so are several small ponds. You will see an abundance of wildlife from frogs to Moose and everything in between. If you are a geocacher this is a gold mine! This day we had a site big enough to accomadate a pretty large crowd. We were able to roast a smaller sized pig and we cooked 8 or more other dishes in the dutch ovens!. It was a fantastic time with SO MUCH food! We did carry out all trash and waste, even the pit itself :) FYI a funny tidbit when I was out hiking around a bit I came upon a sage hen it tried to attack me and I was running and screaming and it didnt back down and was really gaining ground. I picked up a stick as I ran, for protection, but instead i just turned and made myself all big holding the stick up and it stopped turned around and trotted all slowly back home. LOL It was a last resort to act all big and it worked. But just becareful during nesting season for sure! Those suckers are fast and a bit scary!

Circle Camp

This is my families favorite spot. The camp limit is 16 days and we pull our campers around this huge area when required. Circle Camp as we have named it is a popular site and your lucky to score it anytime during the summer months. As you can see from the pictures it has a nice big fire pit. In which my uncle hauled in all those big rocks himself from home, he also brought buckets of gravel last year when we were in this site and put it around the outside of the pit. We like to put a lil extra work into the sites we really like. We dug out the firepit, please remember you need to pack out your ash. Someone keeps piling it on a tree in this site. We can generally fit 4-5 trailers in this site and squeeze in all our OHV to. The cows were just released this weekend up there and they can have a tendency to move into camp to. They freshly grated the roads while we were up there as you can see from one of my pictures.

Pine Forest

Nice campground located across a field; that is blocked off for some reason, to the flaming gorge resort. Commotion is low unless the resort has big parties booked out for raft rentals then you can hear them for awhile. This campground has a trailer dump, potable water, bathroom facility and a lil store right at the beginning. It does have other various courts like the description describes but we didn't use them. This is a well maintained park that is much busier than its neighboring Greendale Campground.


Well maintained campground with bear canyon hiking trail and bootleg amphitheater across the road. Toilets and water spigots are available. They also have a dump site for trailers. There are both RV sites and tent sites with fire pits and a picnic table. The trees in this campground aren't very big so it doesn't offer much shade so bring an awning of some sort. Right off the highway so you can hear the traffic. There is a camp host who sales firewood if you forget to bring you own

First to Review
Very Green

This is a small campground just before you reach the pineforest campground. It is rather small but very peaceful. The sites come have firepits and picnic tables. There is green grass throughout the entire campground with well maintained roads. There is toilet facilities available in this campground. Alot of trees and foliage adds to the privacy of the sites. RV sites with no hookups or tent sites available.

Big Area, Lots of People

This area is very open with patches of quakes you can park in or near for some seclusion. The Range Study has one bathroom facility right at the entrance. There are a ATV trails running everywhere in this area. This place tends to be really busy as it can accommodate large groups. That's why it received only 3 stars this time, there was just far to much ATV traffic for my liking. There isn't many places to hike around here. My dog and I were able to get out a lil bit but we had to keep avoiding the ATV's. There is all kinds of wildlife in this area including deer, chip munks, squirrels, elk, and occasionally a bear. So be sure to keep trash and all food inside or bear proof. Good area to let dogs and kids run. And if your like me, this is a great place to pick dandelions for dandelion Jelly!

Paddle Fest 2017

Red Fleet Holds its annual Paddle Fest every year around this time. Because camping space is very limited our friends and family went and waited in line bright and early to get spots. At Paddle Fest they shut down the lake to all motorized water craft. This allows for kayakers, paddle boards, canoes, and swimmers to be in the water safely. They set up a giant slip n slide on the boat dock and bring in vendors where you'd normally park after launching boats. They also set up a concert stage and have fireworks at night. Red fleet has 2 bathroom facilities. Tent and RV camp sites with no hookups. They have a fish cleaning station for your daily catches. There is a large area with grass, covered picnic tables, fire pits, and bbq's. Each RV site comes with a tent site on that grass. RV sites are very close together so if someones running a generator you will be hearing it. Fishing is off and on as they killed out the lake a couple years ago and replanted smaller fish into it.

Ranger Review: Cotopaxi at Flaming Gorge Rv & Trailer Park

Campground Review

This little resort, as they prefer to be called, has a lil bit of everything. They have rooms for rent, RV spaces, tent spaces, and even a trailer park. There is a nice lil restaurant on site where the food is reasonably priced with large delicious portions. They also have a small store that carries food, fishing equipment, and souvenirs. They offer many activities and you can even rent rafts right next door. This lil place is usually busy on weekends but calms down a bit during weekdays.

Product Review

Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Daypack- Del Dia. I received my first Luzon bag as a birthday gift. The colors are bright and fresh. My second bag I received in my Cairn box, colors weren't that great. And my last bag I received for a questival I wasnt able to attend, which was also bright and fun. I ordered one of these for my mother for mothers day and although the colors werent bright they actually fit her personality. My step sisters and my step mom also use these packs (its a family love I guess)The unique colors make them appealing as a one of a kind item. I like that theirs the double strap; one across my chest and one at my waist line, this helps alot with supporting the pack as I have back problems. I love how lightweight yet functional this item is, it can be packed into a hiking pack to use just as a day trip bag. There is a separate compartment inside that holds a water bladder, It also has a small zip compartment on the front. I wish there were some side pockets that you can access while still wearing the pack though. And the hole on the back/top to run your water hose through could be a bit bigger as its hard to get certain brands through it. Overall great lil fun colored pack. I have used it hiking, in airports, exploring cities, and even as a purse. These packs accompany me everywhere. This last trip I paired it with AXE 2L water bladder that I received in my Cairn box.

Ranger Review: Primus 2.3L Primetech Stove at East Park Campground, UT

Campground Review:

East Park is a great campground located right next to the lake. They have several bathroom facilities. Graveled road and sites available for RV or tents. They also have water spigots. This campground is well maintained and the fishing can be hit or miss at the lake. This time I hiked all the way around the lake in a lil over 2 hours. For the most part it is an easy hike till you get to the far bank there you will encounter fallen trees and some steak inclines. This campground fills up fast during the summer weekends so keep that in mind and get up there early.

Product Review Section:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time - today I am testing the Primus 2.3L Primetech Stove. It comes with 2 pots; one anodized and one ceramic, a case, a burner base, a detachable handle, a clear lid with a built in colander and an igniter. This stove is really light just weighing in at 30.6 oz. I cooked rice in mine and it had the water beginning to boil in 1 min 45 seconds and by 3 minutes 15 seconds it was at a full roaring boil. I didnt have a chance to clean it the night I used it but the next day even with the food dried onto it, cleanup was effortless. Everything wiped right out, no scrubbing required! Because of the convenience and lightness of this it fits in my hiking backpack and I will be using it on overnight hiking trips. I love that everything can all fit together and go into the carrying case. I also used the Primus Micron Lantern it was bright enough to light up under an awning. My only concern was this was not a fast set up device. You have to burn the mantle until its all white which can take a few minutes. Definitely start assembly before it gets dark if this is your only means of light for the night. The mantle appears to be brittle after use and I'm not sure it will withstand being in my hiking pack for another trip. This being said I searched the Primus site and cant seem to locate additional mantels to buy as these are unique I'm guessing to the Primus lanterns. Overall it did its job and I will do an update on weather the mantel holds up to my next hiking trip after already being burnt

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Nice open area

This area is at the very end of the pavement… as your going down in it opens up into a big area that has many camping options. If you continue down the road you will come to the small stream that runs along the bottom of the canyon. There is also many camping options along it. The road will continue back up into the trees and back out to paved road but it is not recommended to take a vehicle up that way as there is a particularly nasty steep part. The stream does have lil brookies in it so don't forget your fishing pole!

First to Review
Good hunting

This area has some wide open spots with scattered quakey trees to camp within. Many dirt road options to take to get you into seclusion. It has a bathroom facility located right at the entrance. It is great hunting for both Elk and Deer. Autumn is very beautiful but expect alot of cows. This is a popular area to camp so expect to see other campers.


I have been coming here since I was a little girl. This area is beautiful and the river is just right next to the campground. It has 2 bathroom facilities that were ehh just ok for me. Each unit has its own firepit and picnic table. The road is graveled or well packed as is each unit. Lots of trees.Rvs and tents alike can stay here. If you drive up on past the campground to the end of the road there is a nice lil trail that takes you to an open area for a lil better fishing. Remember your worms!