loved the small towns charm. great sunrise view at Lake Michigan. clean cummnity, friendly people. dog friend on lesch.

cruise in a kayak!

I love to kayak through here because I don’t need to paddle through the river unless I’m feeling competitive. I enjoy this route for the wildlife and nature scenery. I’ve seen beavers, minks, ferrets, and sand cranes on my two trips so far.

clean and simple

great for casual camping, they also offer cabins. the island has many places to explore and a new lavender farm to check out.

clean, simple, and open view

great for relaxing or calming walks, great open view, small lake, enjoyable.

clean and simple

I would recommend this for anyone for starting to step out of the comfort zone for the outdoors. very simple, many paths to walk, jog, or ride a bike. a small lake is near the further parking lot. dogs are welcomed on lesch.

this park has everything!

this park has everything. beaches, bluffs, campIng, hikes, and phenomenal views. there is no wake in the lake and dogs are technically supposed to be on a leash. I seen a lot of people on the lake kaya k and a lot of fellow hikers. a lot of people on the weekends in the summer. not too far from big city Madison and a waterfall and diving spot not too far from here. also a ski hill close by. great location to camp!!