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colette B.
bend, OR
Joined February 2019
Awful Customer Service

I am floored by the customer service at this lodge. My friends and I visited this winter and will not be returning again after a series of issues with our stay. 

After visiting, I received a brief email from Karen Brown saying that we had damaged their new table in the Bluebird cabin. Throughout this entire month, I have requested over six times for a picture, as wanted to see what damage she was referring to. I have called and emailed and talked with other staff to please see the damage, and I never heard back. They charged me the labor and damage without even letting me see what it looked like. 

Additionally, we had some lights not working, smoke detectors chirping, and a large container of diesel, which was unmarked, resting right near the wood burning stove. We did not realize this until one of the employees had to come to help us out with the stove, as there were no directions, and let us know how dangerous it was that it was sitting right there. We felt pretty alarmed, as we hadn't moved the container upon our arrival and we did not know it was diesel as the container had nothing written on it. 

I have stayed up in the crater for three years now and have used Paulina Lake's cabins for two of them. I'm feeling pretty put out by our latest visit there particularly with this charge and lack of information given to us upon our arrival. I loved visiting here, but I will not be doing so anymore.