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USMC vet. Law School bound instead of mountain found.
Camped in the saddle between

My wife and I. Amped out here for the fall leaves change in October. It was honestly my favorite camp to date. Every morning we’d wake up to the sunrise (even though it was foggy) and go explore a new area.

There was a water point about a qtr like away on the art loeb trail heading back towards the black balsam knob parking area. We camped in a saddle between tennet mountain and the next unnamed peak on map. Perfect spot for views and was bordered on three sides by shoulder height brush. 10/10 on the selection. It was the perfect distance from civilization (1.5 miles to the car) and 10-15 miles of wilderness for us to explore.

Tennett mountain has a superb view of the surrounding area and I highly recommend peak bagging it.

The art loeb trail is heavily trafficked until you reach the northern side of tennent mtn. The trail is for hikers horseback and 4x4 so you aren’t crazy waking up to a car engine going by. I can’t think of much else to put because there was so much to explore.

Beautiful little campsite

My wife and I camped up here about two weeks ago. It was still perfect out. 75-80 during the day hi to mid 50s at night. The campsites about 3/4 of mile walk downhill to one of six campsites around a little pond and a creek that the pond drains into. Spots five and one are probably the most secluded but six has a good Creekside view.

It’s about a mile and a half walk from the campsite to rainbow Falls. There’s Turtleback falls be on Rainbow Falls. My wife and I decided not to go all the way up there. It’s pretty dangerous so just be careful especially if you have a pet.

We also went and explored Brevard which is about a 30 minute drive from the state park. We even went and saw the white squirrels that are the local legends they look like white tree rats to me but whatever. It’s a cute little mountain town I recommend going to it just explore on a day trip. I’ll definitely back to explore that further trails that we didn’t get to check out on this trip. Also the visitor center is incredibly awesome and the people that work there were the most friendly staff that I’ve ever encountered in any state park I’ve ever been camping. They made recommendations on everything we could do, and even gave us cutlery when we forgot ours when we ate breakfast up there to watch the sunrise.

Fall Vacation

The campground is pretty old. That said the showers are warm and there’s a flush toilets, so it beats a straddle trench in Afghan, but not a penthouse master bath in Asheville.

There’s numerous sites, and they are now available online to reserve through

We stayed on campsite # 11 which abuts against a small creek. Each site has its own grill pit and a grate that swings out over the the Pitt as well.

The campground was probably 80% occupied and seemed like it could be a possible base camp for some hunters. The only bad thing was, there were some loud kids screaming at six in the morning, I came to get solitude so this and the prison style all metal toilet are the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

There was one trail that myself and my better half went down. It was about 3 miles. We just wanted to take it easy, so we didn’t go on the foothills trail about 1 mile or so away on the same road the campground is on. It’s hard to see, but it it has one or two parking spots on a turn off for it. On the way out we saw hikers going in from there so it is probably a popular headway.

All in all we had a great time, the ranger/ host had firewood available for sale (20pieces and some kindling for 10$)would definitely go back, and keep exploring the area for overnights and stay here as a base camp.

Amazing Campground Woth Everything You Need

My fiancé and I camp here in January of 2017 right before my birthday. The campground is gorgeous, with showers, white sandy beaches, and wifi for you glampers out there. Unfortunately for us it was absolutely freezing and we couldn’t enjoy the beach, but we hiked all the trails there in two days and I can’t begin to say how beautiful the ecosystem is. I’d love to stay there for a week and see even more. Definitely family friendly. I will definitely go back.

Beautiful Shoreline

The state park encompasses miles of shoreline, with incredible views from most of the campsites. They have electric hookups at each site, fire pit, and a grill. There a few trails that are easy around the park. we stayed here two nights. We swam out to an island and hung out there for the day. There’s a beach down near the ranger station you can enjoy as well.

I gave it five stars because the canoe rental was closed.

Amazing location alongside Deep Creek.

The campground is full of tent sites and RVs accommodations w power. My fiancé and I set up a pop up tent and a two man tent to spend the first night. It was downhill from a bathroom, which was convenient, but the bathrooms didn’t have any light switches(?). So bring a headlamp. The campground is situated next to a ton of trails into the backcountry. You have to file a permit with the park rangers, just like any other backcountry trip. We went about 14 miles on our second day, spent the night alongside Deep Creek, and came back that morning. I gave the place 4 stars because there are no showers to bath in and no light switches in the bathroom. I understand there are no showers throughout the Smokies, but the light switches thing really ground my gears at midnight when I had to use the restroom.