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Largest Campsite on Mt. San Jacinto

Like the title says this is the largest Campsite on Mt. San Jacinto with 28 Campsite and pit toilets. This Campsite is only about 2 miles from the tram but the elevation of Round Valley is 9,100 ft.

Reservations go fast so you need to submit your permit starting 8 weeks before your trip, however waiting until 4 weeks may be too late.

The permit only reserves your space on the mountain you will need to selected your exact campsite once you get to the ranger station after getting off the tram.

Permits are only $5 per person but the tram is like $25.

Peaceful & Beautiful Desert Camping

Give yourself time to explore and enjoy the surroundings.

To get to the campground you must first go through the Saguaro National Park and the drive is just as fun as it is beautiful.

I suggest viewing the aerial map of campsites before hand. I had selected about 9 different sites before arriving and that was good because I ended up at my #6 choice. Which was still a great site.

Very quite and peaceful. However, it's the desert so you should bring an air mattress or cot. Most sites have tables and are close to water and restrooms. The restrooms were very clean and upkeep. Heads up there are no showers at this campground.

I felt very safe there and actually left my campsite unattended for about 10-12 hours and not a thing was out of place.

Tents are $10 a night and RVs are $20. Tents can camp in any RV space but you can't the use power at the campsites (30 amp). You can charge small devices using the power outlets in the restrooms. Also Verizon cell/data service was great out here.

I can't wait to go back next year.