Christina S.
Fort Mill, SC
Joined May 2019
Dodge the sprinklers!

This was a really nice campground. They had two loops, loop A was mostly for RVs with hookups and loop B had standard sites (we stayed in this loop). The campground was very clean, really nice bathrooms and showers minus the fact that the showers get locked at 9pm so you have to plan ahead and hope everyone else isn’t using the showers when you go. The main inconvenience (and reason i only gave 4 stars) the sprinklers! I assume they are trying to grow grass but loop B had an abundance of sprinklers going non stop. We were able to find a site out of the path of the sprinklers but most were getting soaked! You also had to dodge them when going to the bathhouse, even walking on the road you had to go out of your way to avoid them. I’m sure this isn’t a long term thing but I did see where one person covered their picnic area with plastic. It’s an inconvenience but the campground itself is really nice! We arrived later and there was a self pay station at the host site on loop A. We stayed one night in a standard site for $20. The hookup sites were a little bit more but I think it was still under $30. Clean water and dump station nearby (unsure if there was a fee for the dump station)

Convenient off the highway but far enough out

Stopped here for one night, the cost was only $15 which was great. Bathrooms with flush toilets and showers. The lower campground looked great with trees and right next to the river but all the sites were full. The upper campground is really only good if you have an RV or are camping out of your car. It was crowded but for the price it worked for us. There is a boat access as well. We had pretty good cell service (t-mobile).

Not the best but it worked for one night

We camped here June 7, 2019. Not my first choice if I was staying longer than one night. The campground was ok, it did have flush toilets and coin operated showers (signs stated hot water was not working during our stay). There were clean water spigots and trash cans. All the campsites were very close together and it was crowded very crowded. Some loops of the campground were completely closed off and looked like no one had used them for a long time. I saw something that stated this campground was completely closed for a period of time so maybe they are just now getting things back up and running. The beachfront was just a short walk down the road which was nice with some pretty views. Bottom line, it was $35 a night and I’ve stayed at much better campgrounds for less money.

Gorgeous Sunset views!!!

We stayed June 6, 2019. We were driving cross country and wanted to see this national park along the way. This was the tail-end of their “peak season” since it is the desert most people visit in the cooler months and avoid it in the summer. We rolled in around 5pm, the ranger station was already closed but we drove on to the campground where there was a self pay station. Plenty of open sites that were not reserved at the time. The sign upon entering says there’s no water within the campground but this is incorrect it must be an old sign. Flush toilets with sinks (no soap or anything to dry your hands just bring your own) also no lights in the bathroom so take your flashlight at night! Beautiful campground, with lots of desert wildlife! This is the southern portion of the park so there’s no Joshua Trees here but if you drive through the park northwest then you’ll see the Cholla cactus gardens, Boulder fields, as well as the Joshua Trees!

Great Stop!

We were planning on driving through the Great Sequoia National Park and camping at one of the campgrounds. We figured since it was the middle of the week they wouldn’t be packed full. However neither of us realized how much the park catered to tourists. All the open campgrounds were full and the rest were closed probably because it was still a little early in the season. We were starting to think we’d be driving all night to get out and find a place but then we crossed over into the National Forest and saw the Princess Campground. It was pretty late and there were no self service envelopes for payment so we found an open site and in the morning the campground host came around to collect the payment! Really nice sites with a picnic table, fire ring, and metal bear box for food and smellable items. There are vault toilets, trash bins, and clean water available. There are y’all Ben some giant sequoia/sequoia stumps throughout the campground.

Gorgeous views and tons of stars at night

We stopped here for one night, we just needed to get off the from from driving for hours. I figured this was a safe bet since it had a self pay station I guessed it didn’t have a gate that closed. The first thing you come to is the national monument entrance and since it was after hours no one was there but there was no gate so we kept driving. You twist and turn up to the top then get to Saddlehorn Campground, we pulled in around 10:00 on a Monday night thinking not many people would be there, wrong, there were lots of people! Luckily some sites were open they were reservable sites but the reservation didn’t start until Tuesday so we were able to pay for the site for one night. The self pay kiosk states that you can use cash, fill in credit card info but no personal checks. Restrooms were very nice and clean, well maintained. No shower facilities. Water is available.

Breathtaking views!

This is a beautiful campground with gorgeous views of mountains on either side. There is drinking water and vault toilets (some of the best maintained vault toilets). We were trying to find camping on our road trip and so many places were full because it was the weekend but we took a chance on this campground and were pleasantly surprised there were only a few other campers. This campground had only been open for operation for a week when we stayed there.

It would be a great place but...

This is a beautiful area, the lake is gorgeous and on the way in we saw a huge herd of elk which was awesome. However not long after we set up some rowdy locals decided to do donuts on the beach in their truck, some playing loud music. Thankfully they left but it wasn’t the peaceful evening we were hoping for. There are two sides of the lake to camp on. One side had pit toilets but it was more crowded with lots of people on ATV’s there are tons of trails you can see where they go all over that side. On the other side of the lake there are no toilets and not as many ATV trails. It’s a great free place to camp but it may not be the quiet peaceful place you’re looking for if the wrong crowd is here at the same time.

Pretty nice campground!

Cimarron Canyon State Park has numerous campgrounds along the way through the park. They all look fairly well maintained all either had vault toilets or restrooms (none had showers that I know of). We stayed at the Maverick campground which had a pond and the river was close by. Lots of good fishing spots!

Close to town but far enough away!

Very nice campground. The river was very high and actually flooded close to a couple campsites but there were enough that we were away from it. For $18 dollars it was very nice, there were vault toilets that were well maintained. There was drinking water available on site. Overall it was really nice and we could go to sleep listening to the river.

Pretty nice campground!

Cimarron Canyon State Park has numerous campgrounds along the way through the park. They all look fairly well maintained all either had vault toilets or restrooms (none had showers that I know of). We stayed at the Maverick campground which had a pond and the river was close by. Lots of good fishing spots!

Decent stop going through the area

We just needed somewhere to stay for the night as we went through the area and it’s only $10 to camp for the night. The lake is really pretty! The campground itself is very basic. There’s a few reservable sites and the rest are walk up (19 in total). There were only vault toilets but very well maintained which was nice. It would be great if you were planning on lots of lake activities and wanted to be close but for us it was just a great place to rest from driving all day.

Loved it!

We were road tripping cross country and realized we wouldn’t make it to the campsite we originally planned for. We found this campground and it was fantastic. A little off the beaten path but was worth it. Each campsite had a picnic area some even had shelters over them! The lower campground was right next to the river (very high when we were there). The upper campground was open (where we stayed) the upper campground had pit toilets but they were well maintained. A short walk down the hill to the lower campground there were shower and restroom facilities. We stayed one night before hitting the road again only $10 for the non-hook up sites.