Chris M.
Bangkok, Thailand
Joined August 2016
Trip of a life time

Zion National park Was the first stop to my 2 week hikeathon. Before going into the park we hit a few stores in springdale. Bought a few supplies beer and hot dogs. The town has everything you could need . The people were very friendly. I want to move there. Headed into the campsite with no problems. Site up camp next to the privy. Deer and birds were all around us. the camp sites are in the middle of a beautiful canyon and campsite was in close proximity to angles landing subway and narrows. so it was perfect for a base camp.

snow in may

Will all i can say is thank god i made it to the top. After hiking from the South rim that morning in cool temps i arrived to the north rim with snow. I was totally not prepared for the snow. I got a ride to the park. And snow was falling could not see. So i bolted to the showers to get cleaned up. Hot hot showers and went to the laundry room to wash clothes . Did not leave that laundry that night. When everyone was finished washing there clothes i just turned off the lights locked the door and slept under the table.. Woke up to snow covered terrain, Was stunning that was the first time I had ever been in snow. Spent a few hours in the store drinking coffee and carbing up.

South Rim camping

Beautiful sites but extremely over crowded . Stayed 1 night to begin the rim to rim challenge. Showers and laundry. too many people for me. But that is 1 hike off my list

heaven on earth

This trip was a dream come true. Long drive to park entrance. When you arrive to parking be prepared to search. I figured either someone would break in my car or a boulder would fall on my car. Neither happened. From there you have a few options to the falls . 1 being hike like a beast . 2 take a helicopter for the weak and young. 3 pack mules for a group. from there you have a 12 mile hike through the desert canyon. Bring water it gets hot and i saw no water sources.

after some time you will arrive to the havasupi village, there you will pay the park fees and get your passes. The village a small store with junk food and a few supplies.

From there the hike is mostly covered following a creek to the rainbow. I will let the photos say the rest.

Big bend resort and campground.

Kinda of a chill base camp. Mainly rvs, but perfect for a base camp. Buffet breakfast every morning. Laundry and TV showers. Was very windy in Valley so be prepared.

Black creek

Sweet quite spot like all spots in mississippi Be careful during hunting season .

Started from the bottom .

Tishomingo is a great , beautiful park. It is the beginning of the applachian mountains. The campsites are nestled by a cool lake. I believe about 20 miles of hiking trails. A few small rock faces to climb. Very clean and quite place.