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Cabin 18

I don't RV, so this is for the cabins mostly. I will say that this place is not within walking distance to any Moab attraction. It's sort of like a parking lot in the middle of nowhere right off the highway. The highway shook our cabin at night it was so loud. The cabins are air conditioned, so that's amazing in June. Don't forget to use your sleeping bag/sheets because they don't provide sheets or blankets. We used the laundry here twice. They sell soap and other conveniences. There are some lawn games available to play and a pool. There are two bike storage hooks on every cabin, but bring your own lock. The camp sites are really exposed to the sun, and it looked miserable. I was happy to have the cabin. The bathrooms and showers are huge and have AC. That was great.

An experience

So, take Ruby's with a grain of salt. It's historic, big, and tourist-y. We camped in the tipi (most tipis are ON the highway, so request tipi 10) that was by the lake. The tipi is probably the only secluded camping available. It was fun and pretty comfortable. It was cool at night in June, unlike all the other places we have camped in Utah. Sadly, there are so many lights at Ruby's, you can't see the stars. But, the atmosphere at Ruby's is more like being at an attraction than being outside in nature. Bathrooms are too small and there aren't enough of them to support the campground. There are shuttles to Bryce Canyon park available from Ruby's. There are shops, groceries, and anything you need at Ruby's. If you're used to nice mountain bikes, do t get your hopes up with the rentals. They are in bad shape. Also, there really are not mountain bike trails in the area. Even mountain trails that allow bikes are really horse trails and terrible to ride.

Loud, crowded

This campground is not the best option for camping in Zion. However, there is access to shuttle service into the park, food, and gear rental nearby. The campground is not secluded in any way, and it is very crowded. It is loud and exposed to the sun. The Quality Inn manages the campground, and their service left me feeling second class to the hotel customers. Also, our tent site was basically right outside someone's balcony/lawn from the hotel. So, we were their view. There are showers and bathrooms. There are also lots of ants.

Best place to camp near Moab

This place is secluded, quiet, beautiful and connected to awesome mountain bike trails that sometimes rival the popular trails in Moab. I will camp here for longer next time I visit Moab! The views from the hiking and biking trails are amazing. Sunsets, amazing. Can't say enough good things.

Thunder Rock

This campground is right on the road, which is a shame because it is central to mountain biking, hiking, and rafting on the Ocoee River. Semi trucks brake down the mountain ALL night long, and even though the river is loud and beautiful, the cars and trucks are louder. We tent camp, so this might not be as helpful of a review for RV people. Other than the road, it was great to mountain bike straight from the campsite to the Tanasi trail system. Hiking trail heads were also directly from the campground. We used the group site, and there was plenty of room, but super close to other campers. Not very primitive here.

KOA Eureka, MO

This KOA had lots of stuff to do, but I was only here driving through one night. The campsites are lovely and flat. This place is right beside Six Flags. I would def stay here if I was going to Six Flags. We were in town to visit the City Museum, which is the most fun ever. Bath houses weren't memorable, but the KOA shops has everything you need.

Oh, so hot.

This was not my favorite beach camping. Mostly, we weren't prepared to be shadeless, and the sun was relentless. If you book a spot by the beach, for the love of all things good, bring a proper shade tent. The marsh was our only protection, and we literally sat in it to be out of the sun. Other sites, however, have good shade, especially sites that aren't on the beach. There are no animal boxes for food, and rats and raccoons abound! Be sure to check out the natural beach on Edisto Island.

Huntington Beach State Park

Best beach camping I've had! Lots of shade at the walk-in tent sites. The sites are secluded with bear/animal proof food storage at each site. Of course raccoons are about everywhere, but the nature is so friendly at this campground. A little birdy built a nest in our beach towels one night. The park rangers were helpful (for that situation) so that's cool. We camped during a tropical depression with no flooding. 8 straight hours of hard rain. Great great park.

Fishermans Corner

Beautiful view of the river…loud highway beside your head while sleeping. This was our way to spend a little time with the Mississippi River on our trip home from our West. The facilities are nice, but this place is right on the highway AND train tracks.

Pickwick Landing

Meh…the sites are dirty with cigarette butts, and the locals tend to use lake sites as swimming holes (like while you are camping, people use the picnic tables at the sites to hold towels and floats). The bath houses are old and smell bad. The showers are little to be desired. Overall, dirty and ill-kept.

Highland Ridge

Beautiful Amish country, green, green, green, beside the lake…this place is a little off the beaten path, but a great place to stay while driving through WI. We stayed during a severe storm, and the wind through the trees was just massive! The bath houses are very nice and there's a playground for the kids.

Cloudland Canyon

I love the seclusion of the campsites here. Plus, they are so convenient to hiking…just hike from your site directly into the mountain trails! The bathouse is outdated and smell very strongly of chemical odor. It's easy to ignore because the park is so beautiful. Beware of parking; I got a warning ticket for parking in the wrong area.

Cedar Pass Badlands

This campground is great for scenic views of the Badlands, if you don't mind the crowds. The campsites at the entrance have the best views with the least crowd. Definitely choose a site on the outer loop to avoid the busy inner area near the bath house. There's at least one little dive bar nearby where the locals hang. Hiking around the campground is fun, but dogs aren't allowed on the trails.