Was good, but thought it would be better

The campground is super long. Which is good there are a lot of spots but it also feels sort of crammed and no privacy. They have cold outdoor showers and vault toilets. If you have never been to the area it's super confusing how to get to the beach. You can go to the public Access beach where it says 15 $ but if you are camping at San onofre, they will let you go in. If you go to the beach from the campsite there are a few trails. I will tell you we attempted to go down three different trails and couldn't make it. It's so steep, dangerous and not maintained. You really need hiking gear to get down it. I felt unsafe in my swimsuit and flip flops climbing down a steep bluff to get to the beach. The website makes it seem like it is an easy walk. It is not. If you go to trail one it was the most accessable. It was still really sketchy and a super steep hill for like half a mile but if you're desperate enough you will go down it. The first time we went to the public Access we had to wait in line for a hour. When it's really busy you just sit and wait basically until someone leaves so you can park. It just depends on the time you're there. Other than that the beach is awesome it's really unhabited, so not your typical Sandy white perfect beaches. The side by the bluffs are almost nicer bc there are a lot less rocks. The public Access side is really long but the side I was on the whole shore was Rocky where the water touched the sand. Seeing the ocean by the bluffs is pretty cool. But it comes with a price at this place. There is a lot of road noise which isn't unbearable and a metro train that passes through all night by the campsites.