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This place is exceptional. Disclaimer: We dispersed camp next to this campground. We spent a lot of time in the actual campground though. It has a clean vault toilet for both men and women. There are only a few sites and they are rather close together with little privacy, hence my dispersed camping near by. There is a trailhead (I didn’t investigate it). And there are several little trails down to a most delightful river. The one little spring the campground is named for is really pretty but tiny! The worst part of the area is the man eating flies. They were so thick and miserable. Multiple would be biting you at the same time!


This is a small campground (my kinda place). Only a handful of other sites were filled. Lots of birds, chipmunks, and prairie dogs. The view was jaw dropping. I wasn’t able to venture around much but would like to in the future. My site was bordering a huge meadow. Amazing!


Skip this dirt field and stay at Jack’s Resort. My grandparents invited me out and, be it not my dispersed style (hence the two stars), I enjoyed the beautiful lake. Jack’s Resort is extremely well maintained. It has a little cafe. Immaculate bathrooms and even a few cabins for those who would rather. Lots of fishing if that’s your thing. Take a little boat and an ice chest of cold beverages and enjoy a day on the lake.

"Bertha's" birthday camping

I've legit wanted to camp her for well over a year. I loathe campgrounds but this one was amazing. I'd actually go back. It's deep with NO amenities, except for a vault toilet. It's super quiet and beautiful! The few people who were there were super chill. I was hoping to do some dispersed around the site but there was no possibilities. The road out to it is pretty treacherous also. Not for beginners, we had to help some people who put their car in a ditch by wrecking it.


First off we camped here for my cousin, hence the title. The campground is very clean with showers and bathrooms. We did find issues with a few dogs off their leashes but most were leashed. The camp sites are stacked right on top of one another so your neighbors will be a part of EVERYTHING! The little walking trails were my favorite part and completely empty during our visit. This is not my style of camping. The beach was down a short trail and was gorgeous. I shall go crawl back under my dispersed rock now…

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Birthday camping

Amazing river access from this spot. Bears, deer, beavers, frogs in the bogs along the river, butterflies, bats, fish, bunnies, grouse, chipmunks, eagles, black squirrels, snakes, and of course mosquitoes and flies… each site has a picnic table and fire pit. There are bear safe food bins and trash cans along with port-a-potty buildings.