che M.
nice, WY
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Dog beating harassing me to file a sexual assault complaint camphosts

Mr. Zawickie allowed another camper to verbally abuse me she yelled physical harm threats called me vulgar names I was bullied by Mr. Zawickie whom said he could use his gun on me when I asked for the location of my items I left out of fear the day he and a female camper met me on my return to the Russell Pond campgrounds in 2017. Mr. Zawickie unlawfully scared me off the property of Russell Pond with threatening demeanour and words without any provocation. I had spoken to Zawickies’ prior to the unlawful expulsion and pet their dogs they seemed unbothered, why they did what they did I don’t know. I observed over the summer camping in the Whitemountain national forest controlled patrolled managed by ProSport employ made a group effort in defaming my character with harassing taunting statements,“We F’ing hate Ns, are you on medication. Several of the ProSport employ made fun of me practiced reverse psychology several referring to me as mentally ill one sexually assaulting me and finally after having been the object of Officer Carifio’s severe reprimands Zawickie’s threats unlawful bulling to,“Leave now I am going to call the cops and you will be arrested!” at Russell Pond campground for no fault of my own the focus of ProSport harassment since an incident in 2017 an unlawful reprimand from Zawickie. I have given forbearance for Zawickie’s unlawful disposal of my camping items he was mistaken and wrong about what actions he allowed himself to commit against me. My dialogue with the employ asked me about my experience camping and I stated an observation to them was how I spoke to the phone employ about my items that had been taken and I was threatened if I didn’t leave Zawickie would use his dogs and gun and he was calling the cops and I would be arrested when I asked him what trash can he disposed of my belongings. I had conversations with the camphosts about a woman smoking at the community bath house, and a vicious dog, a bear, humming birds, wood, my missing belongings all the other conversations were elicited by the ProSport employ including the constant insistence of Chester and Maureen Herrick. I was greeted by Chester Herrick the day I arrived at Hastings campground I saw his dogs on my campsite pooping and urinating and I stated my noticing he said,“My has had a problem with Ron like you and you need to make a complaint.” I was shocked I made a verbal statement to the knowledge that I recognise I have been made the object of interest ProSport employ my reputation precedes me. Chester used disarming rhetoric,“You don’t have to worry I am not like that.” His previous statement about a man named Ron to me already made me concerned because I was so severely reprimanded by Officer Carifio when I followed’s insistence reporting the sexual assault to the proper authorities it was the furtherest thing I wanted to relive or think about I didn’t know the mans name and was only resolved to finish out the summer feeding hummingbirds riding my bike learn about camping. After Chester declared his wife was a victim of sexual assault I asked if his dogs were friendly he said yes you can come and pet them any time. The next day I wanted to ask permission to feed the hummingbirds I walked onto their site looking for someone to ask about feeding hummingbirds, I was approached by Maureen she said firmly Chet don’t want you near those dogs, I replied’“Oh yesterday he said I could come and let them out of the fence anytime to pet them.” she again in a more aggressive voice said,“He doesn’t want any one near those dogs I mean that is what he told me and I’m just his wife!” I said,“I will of course not come here ever again to pet the dogs.” She walked away later I saw her outside and I asked about the hummingbirds she said you can see right in the back of my camper I feed them. I stayed to myself except to ask about water disposal of waste and hummingbirds but to my chagrin no matter what the first response was have you made that complaint yet? I did bring up their issue and mine in front of their granddaughter thinking that would resolve my thinking that they were not telling the truth about the man they called Ron and I made sure to be perfectly clear what he did to me and that I had no intension of revisiting trying to file a complaint and that I just wanted to ride my bike, feed the hummingbirds. My statement earlier concerning Officer Mike Carifio’s declarative statements seemingly severe reprimanding for following the instruction of the insistence to make formal complaints it was told to me by the staff it is my duty to do this were in response to me repeating some of what Bob and Carla ProSport employees at WildWood said to me my asking for the whereabouts of my camping gear disposed of by Zawickie at Russell Pond sexual assault at I think Basin Campground by the man with the squished nose big white diesel truck with wild river license plates referred to me by Chester Herrick as his boss Ron