Charyle C.

Mesa, AZ

Joined April 2018

Fantastic State Park!!

This was an excellent State Park. Very well groomed. Shower house was amazingly clean and great water pressure. I was only here overnight. However, I felt very welcome and comfortable! The host checking me in offered me a different spot which was more level. Made it a lot easier to get set!

Very quiet...

This would be a great place for anyone wanting seclusion and to disconnect. No wi fi signal. I was stopped here overnight in site #29 during a 4 day cache "-"! It simply fit my timeline for this excursion. However, next year it will not be a destination. Marsh areas and mosquitoes are prevalent.

Very Nice!!

Wow! What a beautiful campground. I camped here in #8 for an overnight stay. Geocaching the State Parks, this was night 3 of a 4 night trek! Very nice Trail Center and cool puzzle. Watching the sunset was fabulous!!

Beautiful Views!!!

In spite of the rain. Camped here for an overnight while touring the North Shore. I camped in the Lower Campground #45. Small campground must serve as overflow for the Upper Campground. Pit toilets. However, the shower house and modern facilities are just a short jaunt over in the Upper CG. Facilities were clean, hot water in the showers!!

Just a quick overnight

Camped here #7 for an overnight while heading to the North Shore. camp site was nice and adequate for what I needed. Next morning I captured the geocache I was looking for and back on the road. I loved how the park had clean pit toilets and recycling bins!!

Long term Camping..

At it's finest! This is really a great location and campground for long term stays. In spite if the numerous hailstirms in the area, this site is fabulous!! A was here for 2 months and found the site to be well maintained and patrolled. Staff were always friendly and helpful. most sites are well shaded and well drained during rain storms. Also, be sure to see the May Tropical Museum while you are there.

I Love This Place

I have visited here a few times before. However, this time I was able to camp overnight on a trek toward Minneapolis. Another relatively small campground, but well shaded and ample spacing between sites. I unhitched the trailer and immediately headed for the Bison drive. Took a leisurely ride to Seppman Mill and was able to view the buffalo on the return trip. The next morning, I headed out early to geocache 2 other State Parks in the area. Electric sites, fill up your water holding tank and dump your tanks upon leaving. Be sure the enjoy the Minneopa Falls located in another part of the park. Oh yea, the park is split and divided by a highway and a railroad. Just don't miss both the waterfalls and the Bison drive/Mill.

Site 10

Small, but quiet

Or at least on the day I was there. Stayed overnight on a trip toward Minneapolis. I made this a stop so that I could collect a couple of geocaches in the State's Aquatic Challenge. I cached here and one other SP in the vicinity. I was in this park a year ago but, did not camp. It is a beautiful park, near water and generally quiet during the week. Electric sites, water and dump station available at entrance/exit.

Site 20

Not for RV's

per se..I was considering staying here, but after a visit without my rig on my back, I decided it wasn't for me. A very long, graded, extremely bumpy road to the State Park. Also a couple of 7-8% grades along the route. Campground is small. Seems to be mostly for people in tents, floating the river. I did see one pop-up trailer camped there. most sites are what I would call walk-in, as the signs indicate "no vehicles beyond this point". So glad I did'nt pull my rig down here. And, while I didn't stay here, I think my review can be helpful to others with RV's. Especially rigs bigger than my 27 foot travel trailer.

Nice and Quiet

stayed overnight on a Tuesday while traveling to MN. sites are great! They have sheltered picnic tables and nice fire pit. Electric only, but water available to fill your holding tank and a dump station. Not many others were camped here, and most seemed to be just staying the night. Lots of birds in this area for anyone who loves bird watching. And, I captured a pic of 2 bucks making their way through the tall grass as I was heading out! I'll stay here again!!

Small and Unshaded

I stayed overnight here for 2 nights. I was basically using the campsite to sleep while I explored Estes Park and RMNP.

Site are relatively small and situated right next to each other. Very few trees to provide any shade. Going to the water is a bit of a hike from most sites. Showers will cost you a minimum of 75 cents which gets you about 2 minutes and additional quarters will gain you 1 minute per. I did not see anything in this State Park that would attract me to stay here longer. Seems mostly for people with boats and or fishing on their minds.

Beautiful views!!

Camped here for 3 nights. it was a great spot to be to check some other areas before moving further north. Some things to be aware of; Mostly electric only sites. I think they have 6-7 full hookups. Sites are reserved well in advance. Best sites 48-51, they overlook the lake. Only 3.2 beer allowed in the park and no public 420 consumption. Also, showers are coin operated. But, they do have a laundry! Overall, a very comfortable stay. I would recommend this place.

Beautiful State Park

I was here for a brief stay while on a geotour. This park has lots to offer. Great camping sites and many hiking trails. During the time I was here the wildflowers were in full bloom! Be sure to take the interpretive trail and discover all the wildflowers that grow here. Don't miss the historical monument near the entrance of the park. It tells a lot about the attempts Native Anericans made to gain back their land from early settlers.

Small and busy campground.

The amenities listed above can be misleading. There are 62 sites in Carpios Ridge and 7, yes..7 are full hook-ups!! I don't recall how clear that is on their reservation site. But, I thought I had reserved full hookup site until I got here and discovered not so much. Most sites are electric hookup only. And, this is the first State Park I have been to with coin operated showers. Cost 1.75 for 7 minutes. Also, take note, while there is fishing and boating. There is no swimming (Again, I should have looked closer and paid more attention). Of note to some, you may want to be aware they only allow 3.2 beer. And, at this writing their is a burn ban in effect. No wood or charcoal fires and no smoking outside your vehicle. Also, no 420 "public consumption"…whatever that might be.😊 However, the views from the overlook are wonderful. I would not recommend this gc if you are looking for seclusion and quietness. Camp setup is what I call "condo camping" neighbors are pretty much right next to each other.

Small CG

11 sites. So be sure to reserve a spot if you need to stay for the night. We were traveling through to CO and stopped for 2 nights. Electric boxes are newer and water pressure was good. Dump station available. The second day we took the cave tour. Thought we were going to have a tour to ourselves. Instead we dealt with others. Some who were a bit snippy about the van (vs. Tram) ride back. I enjoyed the cave very much. Beautiful displays of gypsum looking sleek as glass. No pictures allowed in the caverns. No smoking, vaping, food or bottled water either. Wear decent shoes due to slick, muddy spots and a jacket. It gets a bit chilly inside.

Beautiful and Quiet!

Beautiful campground!! Just stopping by as I was heading to Downstream to meet with friends. Just the brief visit I had tells me I want to come camping here. Putting it on the schedule for next year!! Electric,water and cement pad!!!

Wide open and flat!

I stopped here for the night on my way to Arizona. It was a good place to stay overnight. Nice and flat and level. No trees, no shade. Certainly would not want to be here in the summer. I did have a nice view of the lake.

Just another day? Well...

I was here on August 20, 2017. It is the anniversary date of the Sioux Uprising (155 years)@ the Fort. I arrived close to evening and drove through the site. There was not another soul in site. The building on the hill was closed so, I figured I better just find my campsite for the night. Found a campsite and realized once again, no cell phone reception so as I headed back to pay my fee I notice a sign on the building stating cell service could be obtained up on the hill where I had stopped earlier. So, I paid my fee and went up on the hill made contact with people before I settled in for the night. The campground was nearly empty and very quiet. In the morning I went back up on the hill to the fort to see if maybe the building would be open. After all, this was an anniversary date of a significant event on the site. I spent a good hour to an hour and a half walking around the fort shooting pics and reading the storyboards. No one came to open the building, no sign of any activity. Then it dawned on me…we don't really want to remember how the Indians tried to rise up against the establishment and what are ancestors did to beat them back down and steal everything they valued.

Nice quiet wooded campground

I camped overnight here on a 4 day geocache run from Owatonna, MN to Savannah Portage. I arrived just as dusk was falling. I walked across the bridge and shot a few pictures then decided I had better get a camping spot before it got to dark. Found a site and was able to make the reservation online. I was happy to be set for the night even though cell reception was limited where I camped. I was looking forward to seeing all the great things in the area the next morning. It rained overnight and in the morning I found a beautiful foggy world before me. It made for some very interesting photography. I went back to the bridge and shot more pics, checked out the Pioneer cemetery and continued my dash for the cache!

Many Great Things to See Here

What a great place to camp! There are several beautiful things to see in this park. I actually made 2 trips. Gorgeous waterfall from any and everywhere you view it. Don't miss out! Take the trail down and around to get a lower view of the fall! Hopefully, you are there during a day/time when the Buffalo gate is open. The drive up to Seppman Mill is fabulous! First time I went it was closed, but luck was on my side on my return visit.