Charles A.

Odessa, TX

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Very pretty

You must carry your own water in. These are primitive desert backpacking sites. Since it is the first camp at the end of a fairly tough hike,it is often full. You must get a permit from the rangers to camp here. Fairly rocky, if you are lucky you will see elk. Beautiful night sky’s. The winds can be very brutal. (50 mph plus)

Only if you are desperate.

Located next to I 20 so get used to lots of truck noise all night long. For some reason even though this is located in the desert, it is covered with mosquitos. Very hot in summer and windy in spring. Smells like oilfield. This is currently probably going to be full with oilfield workers. Has a swimming pool.

Gritty but pleasent

If you have a problem with everything you own being covered in sand, this may not be the best place. Lots of birds and wildlife. Very hard to set up tents unless you get those paddles they use in snow camping. During the summer you will need the spf 50. If the wind is blowing it will get dusty. Lots of photography opportunities. You can hear the traffic on I20 at night in a tent. Expect to be visited by skunks and raccoons.

One of my favorite camps

Be lulled to sleep to the gentle rustle of cottonwood trees. I tent sleep so I like a place where you can set up a tent without having a ton of rocks. They irrigate the camp so it is muddy at times and when that rare rain storm comes up the camp will flood. If you leave food out you will be visited by skunks, javelinas, raccoons and bears. During the summer it will be brutally hot during the day, but i have had the entire campground to myself for up to a week. Late summer this is one of the penultimate places on the planet to photograph the Milky Way. Since you are near to Santa Elena canyon you can drive up and get the iconic picture of the Milky Way stretched across it.

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Not pretty, functional

This is a real campsite and not an RV site full of oilfield workers. Florey used to be an oilfield community with small houses for the workers back during WW2. Most of the sites have cement under the picnic tables where the old foundations used to be. There are some shade trees and grass. At night in a tent, you can hear the traffic on 385, but it is not too loud. Summers can be brutally hot, springs are prone to massive dust storms and winters can be cold.

Nice and well maintained

Very nice park and not to near a train. Very modern facilities that were clean.

Very nice

Very nice. Clean rest rooms and coin op showers. There were a lot of ticks, but the camp was quiet. I saw many people fishing.