Cathy D.

Coldwater, MI

Joined August 2019

My stay at Caladesi

I was a regular at Caladesi for 6 yrs,we liked it there cause we could visit and have get togethers in the evening ,eat, play games, sit by a nice fire . The last two years there were hell, starting with no clotheslines, put your wet towel and suits from the pool on your camper! Clothesline just encouraged people not to use HIS washer and dryers . ( so he said) Then no fires (what? It's a campground!) last year was just the worst, no flags to be flown in his ground. No walking around to visit with a open container, he drives around all hrs of the night like a prison guard watching was putting notes on good peoples doors evicting them cause he thinks they are too comfortable! He is a nut who will yell in the middle of the night and throw rocks at your camper if he doesn't want you there . This year more than half of the snow birds got out and moved to other places and I can tell you that they are all much happier, all the new places that we all found were very reasonable , he raised the rent and said another substantial raise was coming so what he quotes you can change by the time you get there . He will tell you that he does not care about any one so do as he says at that moment or hit the road,