Carly S.
Westlake Village , CA
Joined September 2016
Busy but awesome

This is a very high traffic camp ground and we did have our firewood jacked several times but the view and the scrambling hikes around this campground are so worth it. You can see cyclops rock and actually climb up the back of it for a nice view of sunset.

Right before 29 palms

It is a great campground of the main road on the right. 👌🏼 there is some great bouldering here and picnic areas. And if you follow the road down and keep to the right you will end up on a mountain bluff where you can see all the mountain ranges sprawling out before you. Great view. Nice an quiet. Lacks shade though.

Whales Everywhere!

Great place to go whale watching. Seriously! I went for two hours and saw 30 ish breaches. It was incredible. Campgrounds are well kept and well worth your time.

Best View Ever

I absolutely love Denali and the view from top to bottom is incredible 😍 Best wildlife spotting and incredible landscape photography opportunities. Especially since the lighting changes so frequently because of the mountains creating their own weather.

Wildlife spotting

This is a great place to see bears! Moose…. Foxes. The waters are clear and the landscape is so lush. There are a ton of flies though in the summer. Especially next to all this water. Mosquitos are aggressive at night.

Ice Climbing & Kayaking

I'm totally obsessed with this campground. It is beautiful. Great campsites for RVs and tents. So much to do here activity wise too. Went kayaking and ice climbing. Such a great location. It is also right on the inlet. So pretty as the sun sets. Lots of glaciers and snow caps.

The Salty Dawg

It is such a nice beach front campground nestled between restaurants and plenty of entertainment. Just off the main road through town it is super convenient and the sound of the waves drowns out any noise from traffic. There are tons of sea otters and great whale watching. Fairly priced as well.