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Former lots of things.... including photographer. That was before a brain injury put a stop to many things. Now I’m trying to do whatever I am able whenever I am able. Part of that includes travel!
Get above it all....

I stayed there the night of March 2nd, 2019. It was very windy and fairly cold. I think the actual temperature would have been fine if not for the windchill and spitting rain from the clouds stuck on the mountain a few miles away. The wind blew the moisture across.

Free primitive campground with clean and stocked pit toilets (depending on who went before you anyway). The road in is rough but can be navigated with a passenger vehicle (I drove a Prius on them). I’ve hit bottom coming out of California business driveways more often.

It’s located well up the mountain from Borrego Springs on a scenic highway. Borrego Springs is a Dark Sky community, so there’s good stargazing.

You are supposed to use a metal container for fires, but the site where I camped had a fire ring that had been used. I don’t think I’d have had a fire even if I’d had a metal container. The wind was that strong (and I’m a Kansas boy, I know strong winds). I also saw discarded gas cylinders that I was going to pack out but got distracted. I’ll never be able to wrap my head around people go want to be in nature but have no problem trashing it out or burning it down. That said, it was only my campsite where I saw these issues.

All in all, a very picturesque stay, but the wind will rock you.

Primitive campground with vault toilets

Just south of highway 60, West of Superior, AZ (about 4 miles). Paved road to the turnoff for the campsite and then dirt but not too rough. My Prius made it just fine. Though there are definitely some roads farther on that are extremely uneven granite dells.

Two pit toilets are the only amenities, but there is plenty of hiking. You can hear road noise from highway 60. There’s a nearby mine and I occasionally heard muffled explosions but I did not feel them. On two of the days I was there I saw or at least heard low flying fighter jets (but within FAA regs) go by and a couple of multi-rotor helicopters. Had the skies not been overcast I’d have seen all of them. They were very loud but it was maybe five minutes total out of my week-long stay.

There’s no WiFi, even if you have a yaggi antenna. There’s enough cell service for text and phone calls (maybe/iffy) on the Verizon network.