Meike W.
Stillwater, NY
Joined June 2016

Campsite was cozy trees were amazingly huge. Camp tent sites better than trailer sites. Very quiet and perfect.

Pretty but odd...

We got to the camp in mid day and there were many weird things. The bathroom had no door, our neighbors were weird, and the clouds started moving in. The view was pretty but we had to watch out for snakes and scorpions. At night it started down pouring on us and our tent was like a bath tub. In the morning we packed up and left

No water

Water was rationed when I went so little drinking water. The showers didn't work either.. The Grand Canyon was beautiful and the view was worth it but the camp was not in good shape when I went.

Pretty but loud

The lake was one of the coolest lakes I've ever seen and the sites are beautiful right on the lake. Our fellow camping neighbors were very loud and partied for a lot of the night. Their dogs were barking all night. Besides the other campers, this place was beautiful and I would recommend it to kayakers and site seers.

Best creek campsite

If you like to camp by water, this is the perfect place for you. It has amazing on the water sites you can camp at, plus a stunning view of the Catskills. The hikes are just easy enough for anyone in the family.


After we hiked the 4K's we were tired and needed a close place to stay for one night. Finally we found Hancock and it was very peaceful with no bothers so we could go fall asleep sound. Very pretty and was worth it to stay.

So much to do!

Rogers Rock is a great campground with many things to do like hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking and playing on a playground. When we went some fellow campers were very loud but everything Else I would recommend it to young or old people.

Will Come Again!

By far the best camp near the Grand Canyon with a lot of wildlife and you are far away from your fellow campers. I hope I will come again!


It was a 5/5 star experience. When I got onto the beach, I thought it was pretty but as I looked around, I saw the most majestic creatures ever, the wild horses roaming the sandy beach. It was an experience I would never forget. I would recommend it to horse lovers.


Lafayette campground was perfect in the woods, the camp sites perfectly spaced out to not hear your neighbors at night. The hikes were spectacular with an amazing view for a prize. Besides the Bears that may come and visit, which they usually don't, this campground was fun and exciting with a mountain shop to sum it up


Bugs were bad in late June, you would get eaten alive by black flies. Water was a nice temperature but everything was terrible from the bugs


Great for a field trip, many hiking trails to walk, a lot of wildlife. The swimming is amazing, lake is beautiful.

Perfect Place

If you had a really long day and need a place to be relaxed and to stay, Fisher Towers would be perfect for you. It gives you a view of he mountians all around you and the sunset gleaming off the rocks make it even more majestic. Later at night watch the small brown bats flap around keeping the bugs away.


Unsanitary and very crowded campsites but cool nature and wild animals


Clean, quiet RV & tent campground right in Moab. Lots of beautiful, mature trees. Really liked that the sites had paved pads for RV parking. Gravel on the roads is well maintained for easy driving & walking. Overall beautiful and peaceful to camp


Campsite was perfect for us to be at because it was beautiful and calm. The arches were amazing.

First to Review
Red rocks

This place is right in UT and it is amazing! As we drove by I was so confused that the water and rocks were red. I was even more surprised that people swam in it because I thought it would turn them red.

Best campsite

The campsites were beautiful with the river behind us. Not to many people there so we're got the best spot. The bathrooms are sanitary and are not port-a-potties. For us, they also had a playground to play at, and a boat dock to kayak. The bugs were not fun in the summer. At night, we all had a great sleeping night with no crazy neighbors or dogs. I would recommend it to anyone with children or who love to move. And a few miles from there was the ski resort, Bromli Mnt. With fun activities to do in the summer or winter!

Worth it

The views were amazing as we pulled into the parking lot of dead horse point. We saw a variety of animals upclose on our hike.


The campground was over all beautiful and when I went there was a beautiful sunset to make the campsite worth it