Caleb F.
San Antonio, TX
Joined July 2016
Malaquite Beach

This beach is nice, it does have a lot of jellyfish but that is to be expected. The "campground's" are actually pretty nice and I cannot wait to come back again!

It is an amazing place

I only went there once and it was a couple years back, but I had a whole bunch of fun, and lets just say, I cannot wait to go back!

Blanco State Park Swimming

I love swimming here, it is a nice place to go to. If you live near by you must, MUST go to this park. Great swimming area!

Guadalupe State Park

The river is usually nice, but the part of the park I went was a bit trashy and there fish hooks in the water. Other than that it is a nice park with some trails.

Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls is my favorite state park to visit in my area. It has fishing and swimming spots, and of course camping grounds. Sometimes I just sit down to marvel at natures beauty.