Caitlin G.
Tempe, AZ
Joined July 2016

This lake was amazing! We camped a short distance (about a mile up the hill) away from the lake where we had a completely secluded campsite and the boys built an incredible rock campfire pit! It was cool, woods-y and beautiful. There was great hiking and mountain biking right around our site. Side Note: the campsite we choose was a decent drive off the main road and the terrain was quite rugged so I recommend taking a 4x4 or a truck! (aka I did not take my little volvo haha)

BLM Rocks!

Honestly, who needs bathrooms and paved roads… You are camping for goodness sake! The BLM land north of I-10 and just south of the Joshua Tree's southern entrance is the perfect place to camp if you A. Want to pay $0.00 and B. Want privacy! We decided to camp here over Memorial Day weekend 2016 because all the campsites inside the park were SOO crowded. We were the only ones out on the BLM and it was quiet and we had great views (even the highway looked cool at night with the cars whizzing by and it's far enough away that it's not like it really even matters). I highly recommend this if you love to camp but you are like me and don't want other people's camp fire smoke in your face or hearing their screaming children throw a temper tantrum! This was my first time camping BLM but it will not be my last!