Caden R.

Cumberland, MD

Joined April 2020

Excellent Camping

I’ve camped at many different spots throughout Green Ridge. Most of them are wonderful spots, with beautiful views, history, or nature nearby. All of them are pretty secluded and have fire pit, and picnic tables.

One time I did have a campsite that was very close to two of the forest roads, and between 10-1 am on a Saturday had a lot of cars driving around. But more times than not it’s very secluded and peaceful.

I do think the system of renting and paying for campsites could be improved via the use of technology. I would love to be able to rent and pay for campsites online, and see which ones were already occupied etc. instead of having to drive out to the headquarters, then to the campsite. Just a minor thing that would be a nice feature.

On Verizon, you can find phone service in a few of the campsites, also there are a lot of sites that are good for hammocks

I’ve attached photos of campsite #6.

So far my favorite

So far, I would say this was one of my favorite campsites along the canal to stay at. It’s very large, and if you stay down closer to the river, it’s very peaceful, and a beautiful site to wake up to.

One of my favorites

This is one of my personal favorite sites on the canal to camp at. That being said, it is pretty close to a road, so a little bit of seclusion. I personally like trains, and railroads in general, but if you don’t, I think this was one of the noisiest campsites in terms of trains. (Maybe it’s was just the night I stayed) There was a train that was starting and stopping on the bridge that’s right next to the campsite all night. Each time it started and stopped it made quite the loud noise. I enjoyed it, but could see how most people would not. The sites around here are beautiful, though. Waking up next to the river is always a plus.

Secluded, yet not.

I’m an avid train fan, so I actually really enjoyed this campsite, however, if train noise is a problem for you, there’s a bit of it happening here. Otherwise the campsite was very cozy, and just enough secluded for comfort.