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Right in the Middle of Nowhere

Cade’s Cove has a long paved road where you can see everything from deer, Bear, turkeys, and more. The campground has everything you need. Youreoff the beaten path, nearest ‘town’ is Townsend, TN, with limited resources.

CC is an excellent campground. The GSMNP is a busy place, so get in early. We camped here in November and didn’t have a problem getting a site, but the place did fill up! Go on the car tour loop and make sure to stop and look at the cabins and church. History at its finest.

November is when the leaves are changing. Temps cool at night, moderately nice during the day…got snow at Clingman’s Dome however during the day!

Park With Everything

Pokagon (po KAY gun) has everything from a toboggan run to a lodge to lakes all around…you cannot be bored here. Open year round (limited campgrounds and services in winter). If you hike there’s even an artesian well running year round on trail #2 on the NW side of the park (see photos). This is a must-stop when you’re passing thru the NE Indiana area.


Grew up near here and used to backpack across Lake Winnebago to winter camp and hike in January when the park was empty and no mosquitos to chew on my butt.

Indian Burial Mounds, old kilns, trails, hills, observation deck, sledding in winter, and lots of other things to do all year round.

This Park is actually on an escarpment that winds around Lake Michigan all the way to Niagara Falls. Limestone cliffs for climbing on, scenic.

in the summer the lake gets green with algae and there is a summer stretch wherever the lake flies hatch and get thick.

Good park for families. Close to small towns for resupply. Appleton & Green Bay are within striking distance as is Lake Michigan.

Bring arctic survival gear in January…subzero temps with wind chills in the negative teens is normal. Fantastic cross country skiing/snowshoeing.

Great Campground

Just off the road that takes you to Glacier Point. Reservations not needed, but tough to get on weekends. Get up early and go to Glacier Pount for the sunrise overlooking Half Dome, the Head back towards camp but stop at Sentinel Dome parking. It’s only 2.5 miles round trip to Sentinel Dome and the view is stunning, you’re higher up than Half Dome on one side and El Capitan on the other. We spent very little time in the campground as we were out hiking so much. Get up before dawn if you want to have a parking spot anywhere you want to hike.

First to Review
Angeles National Forest

There is an alternate trail of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) running right thru this campground. In the soring there is snow run-off just to the west of the campground. You can drive in from the north, or backpack in from the Devil’s Punchbowl (about 7 miles west). The hike has a serious Canyon that will kick your butt…28% - 34% grade coming out of it, so make sure you’re in halfway good shape if you hike in.

Get a permit at area gas stations back in Pearblossom…parking is $5 a day. Camping is rustic at best. But the people camping there all want to get away from humanity…you’ll know when you get there that this is a no-frills site with those that want privacy.

if you love hiking and want privacy, this is your camp! Bring all your supplies because it’s a hassle to drive out for things you forget.

Crown Jewel of Wisconsin

Great park! North Country Trail passes thru! Waterfalls and trails that are amazing. Campground has showers that were quirky, some had minimal pressure, but when you’re camping water is water. Staff is friendly. Never had a problem getting a site, even in summer. Small towns around with stores, supplies, etc. Beautiful part of the country. The last time in there was a drought so the river levels and falls were really low, so check before you go.

First Campground in Park

As soon as you enter Sequoia from the SW side you’ll see Potwisha on your left. The biggest thing to remember is that the tempshere will be 20 degrees warmer than at Lodgepole, so if you’re underdressed or under-supplied, get into Potwisha. The Ranger came around and checked in everybody, said hi, invited us to the amphitheater area for a stargazing class. She had binoculars and everything you needed to learn about the heavens!

Good place to stay! Love this park!

Large Sites

Large sites near Furnace Creek village…store, restaurants, gift shop, post office, golf course, and more…large outside sink to wash up after a long day of hiking…unbelievable sunrises and sunsets…best campground in DVNP. Some trees with little shade, so it’ll be scorching in summer…was 116 degrees at 7 pm when we checked in, but we sucked it up…had moonlit night hiking to ourselves with no competition for trails.

Badwater Basin at night BEFORE the moon comes up will blow your mind. Plan your trip to coincide with a new moon or late moonrise.

Rock Camping

$12 a site. No frills, set up on gravel, sleep, get up and enjoy an amazing sunrise by the Mesquite Dunes. No shade. Brutally hot in the summer, but people tough it out.

Beach Camping Done Easy

Jeep Beach West event. Inexpensive to camp on the sand. Have a 4WD vehicle or you will get stuck. Easy on and off the beach. Gorgeous sunsets.

Everything You Need

Busy, but excellent campground with all you need. Close to trails, general store, snack bar, showers, and the scenery is awesome! Just a short drive to the General Sherman tree or head the opposite direction to Kings Canyon and get away from the crowds! Best campground in Sequoia NP. Bring warmer clothes for the higher elevations.

Great Campground Location

Cougar Rock is a popular campground that gets you close to Paradise, but also an easy run back to Longmire if you need supplies or cell service. Lots of trees, good cover…like most NP campgrounds, get in early in the morn if you want a site. Grill, fire ring, grill plate, bear box, picnic table, all the usual stuff.

Last Opportunity

If you’re in Sequoia NP and it’s your only option, take it. Less trees and shade than Lodgepole, Potwisha, or Buckeye. It’ll do, but there are better options. As you wind your way thru the Park you’d be better off heading to Kings Canyon towards Roads End if you have Dorst as your only option.

Family Friendly

This campground is more for families. There are RV sites and tent sites. Laundry is available as well as as all store. The management is wonderful, friendly, and the showers always have hot water.