Beautiful hike

The road completely fell apart, but it’s a lovely cool hike through a box canyon up to the campground.

Small and unmainteined

I believe this one is also abandoned and closed. It is a small campground, no toilets or other amenities.

Closed and abandoned by forestry

Another beautiful spot in complete disrepair. It’s not even recognizable as a campground.

Another beautiful camprground forestry has abandoned and left to rot.

This is beautiful for hiking into, but the gate is locked for driving in. All the tables are falling apart, fore rings are buried, and everything is overgrown. We picnic up here sometimes. This site connects to the PCT so it is often traveled by many.

Forestry abandoned and closed

This campsite has been completely abandoned by the LA forestry. It’s absolutely terrible and heartbreaking. They let it get completely overgrown and washed out from years of ZERO maintenance. It’s in complete disrepair now, and so far gone I highly doubt they will ever open it again.