Britney O.

Kaysville, UT

Joined May 2018


There are not any trees in this camp site, so it is really hot. The cows and lambs are all around. There is a little store at the East Canyon resort, that is just up the road. The water access isn’t super easy, the campground is a little higher than the beach

I LOVE the trees!

This campground does not take reservations, they are first come, first serve. There are only a few spots for really long RV’s, so the camp hosts will escort you back to those, if you are long. At the base of the camp, there are flush toilets, there are pit toilets up in the campground. All of the camp sites have a lot of trees. It is more in the middle of the park, so it is a great “base camp” to go throughout the park

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Near the Fairy Forest

This campground has a paved drive loop, as well as paved camp sites. There are trees off of the road side, but not a lot around your camping area. There are pit toilets, as well as fire pits. It cools off nice in the evening

Great sunsets

You can’t get much closer to the lake then this…the sand road aling rhe top of the beach is well worn, so you won’t sink. There are pit toilets scattered along the top of the road. There are not designated spots, it is kind of a free for all, where you are going to park your RV, or put your tents. There is no water, or electricity, so you need to bring your own (I wouldn’t drink the lake water :)).

Nice with trees

This campground accepts reservations, as well as, has first come, first served camp sites. There are toilets, and bear boxes, as this is bear country. This campground is really busy, but there are trees

Close yet far

We dry camped a little higher than the actual campground. The campground was full, but it was paved and there was a dump station, which is a plus. There are pit toilets, but the group sites weren’t large enough for our group.

My favorite camping spot!

I LOVE camping here! My mom grew up coming here, and so did I. The lake is really cold, but there are people in f Shiny boats, kayaks, and float tubes. The fishing is ok, but there is a boat ramp for loading and unloading boats. I have stayed on the East and West sides, and there are more trees on the east side. The road getting up here from Mountain View is really rough (wash boardy). The loop is dirt road, but it is smooth so you can ride bikes around it!

Beautiful Campsite

We lived camping here, the downside is Big Cortonwood Canyon is a watershed, so even if you pay the fee and take the class to be able to have dogs in the canyon, they ARE NOT allowed in the campground. There were a lot of thistles and some stinging nettle in the individual campsites, which surprised me, with all the kids that are up there. There is a path to get to Donut Falls, which was not a kid friendly hike to get to the top of the waterfall (in my opinion).

Paved roads with lots of trees and great river access!

There are so many trees! It is nice to have the main road in the campground paved. Not to mention, this is a fly fishers paradise!

Too many jack stickers to enjoy

There were so many jack stickers, it was horrible! There is water hookups, however, it wasn’t in while we were there. There is an RV dump close by.