Nice Hike, but crowded

Beautiful views but too many people.

Beautiful Everything

This is my favorite place to be, but only in the summer. I‘m not a fan during the Spring due to mud, foxtails, and mosquitos, though I did find a frog and that’s pretty neat. As soon as it heats up for summer it’s perfect. The landscape is gorgeous, there’s a sand dune right around the corner, and the sunsets are breathtaking. Be careful with dogs around the cliffs—there are rabbits and marmots around and your dog should be contained.


Show up early to get a good spot because things get crowded fast. Plenty of space for setting up tents and beautiful views along the river, but my preference is for fewer people.

Wildlife Surprises

I’ve encountered an array of wildlife (grouse, beavers, elk) around Taneum Campground and love it. Higher up in the hills can get pretty windy but the area is beautiful to explore.