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College Station, TX
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Good camping, cool natural history

The facilities and campgrounds here are nice because they all include and electric outlet. But the real beauty of this park lies in it's natural history. In the Creek bed you can find dinosaur tracks for which the park was named. The paluxy river provides a beautiful backdrop for the hikes of the park as well.

Classic Texas State Park

Its a classic east Texas state park. The restrooms arent hotel quality but they are for sure better than a hole in the ground. The park itself is pretty and situated on a lake, providing scenic trails and water craft activities

Great spot to access the river

This is a private campground managed by a super sweet family that really cares about the river and the community. You must call to ask permission to use this site for camping and river access, as there are some pretty clear rules. It is a family oriented campground that is alcohol free. Loud music is discouraged, and recylying is emphasized. This place thrives because the people that use it respect the owners, and the owners respect the users. You will often see Tom (the owner) riding around on his cart cleaning up the place and greeting all the visitors. It's a beautiful gem and everyone that knows about it fights to keep it this way.

The best thing close to college station

One of those, you get what you pay for kind of places. The facilities are there. They aren't great, but at least they are permenant. The lake is there, it's not super pretty but it's also closer to college station and Bryan than anywhere else.

Beautiful views for a Texas Campground

I honestly forget that I'm in Central Texas when I stay here. Lake Georgetown is beautiful, and the cedar groves are amazing as well. Classic state park Campground style amenities.

Solid campsite on the Rio Grande

Basic national park camground. Located close the boquillas canyon, the legendary hot springs and so much more. The park itself is beautiful, and the campground is not exception. Located right on the bank of the river, the campground is an oasis from the desert you spend all day driving through to get there.

Wonderful national park campground

Beautiful views, great facilities, and awesome weather. Big Bend National Park is one of the best stops in Texas, hands down, and the Chisos Basin Campground is the best spot in the park. To the east, the campground is shadowed by Casa Grande, the largest peak in the Chisos. To the west you have the Window, an awesome cut in the basin that lets the sun peek through a little longer in the evenings.

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Classic Roadside Campground

You have to watch it because it sneaks up on you, but Frontier Outpost is a hidden gem. You pull up to a quaint little general store where you pay $5 a night. There's a bar in the next room with live music on Fridays. If you are looking for clean cut this isn't the place for you, but boy is everyone here great. I've never regretted spending the night here.

Great gem outside Austin

Easy to access and fun for the whole family. The trails are shorter and easy to hike on, the falls are really scenic, and the campsites are well maintained. Overall, it's a classic state park feel, but is located just minutes outside of Austin.

A dirtbags climbers dream

Rock Dog is a great place to crash for the night or weekend if you have your eyes set on climbing some Austin Limestone. It's right down the road from Reimers, and is close enough to Austin that you could go in to the city for a meal. They have crate stacking, slacklining, and community campfires. Restrooms are simple portapotties, but you get what you pay for.

A great option near some beautiful spots

Located just 10 miles from Enchanted Rock SNA, Oxfords Ranch is a phenomenal overnight option when the park is full. The established facilities are decent, there is plenty of space, and it's pretty cheap to stay there. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot of flare to it, but it's a great place to crash for the night

One of the best in Texas

While rather difficult to get a campsite here, you won't regret taking the extra effort. The campsites are nestled right along Crabapple Creek at the base of Little Rock, providing astonighing views from all directions. This paired with the classic state park faciltiy access makes it amoung the best in Texas.