Brendan E.
Burbank, CA
Joined May 2017
I'm an avid paddle boarder and explorer stuck in La La Land.
Can't Go Wrong With Big Bear

Another easy escape from LA. Boards on the roof and gear ready to rock. Serrano campground is my favorite at Big Bear with plenty of lake access. While not really walkable from at least our site, a two minute drive and youre at water's edge with paddle boards or lawn chairs. Town is also 10 minutes away so convinient to just stock up before you get to camp.

Nice Weekend Getaway

A nice gem not far from Burbank when you're itching for a weekend getaway. Our camp host was extremely nice and came around with dog treats for every single dog there so they all loved her. Water spouts vlose to each site and bathrooms surprisingly super nice. The real treat is how close the campground is to Cold Springs Tavern that is clearly the hot spot in the area.

Site OK, Lake Awesome

Just a quick 40 minutes from our previous night at Stony Creek, the site is lower elevation and a good bit warmer which was nice. The campground itself is fairly small but spacing between sites is pretty far so liked that a lot. The area surrounding the site has been hit hard with trees being cut down so expect it to look like a lumber site. I'm sure there was a reason they were cut down. The plus to that though is it's free wood for the taking and the camp host said help yourself so campfire jackpot. It's just a 20 minute walk to the lake but we drove down with the paddle boards and took them out. The lake is gorgeous!! Almost nobody on it and relatively warm and clear. Perfect for paddle boards or kayak or canoe. Got to paddle surrounded by a snow capped peak off in the horizon. Pretty neat. The campground itself is pretty standard but if you're there for the lake it's a great one or two nighter.

First Stop on a West Coast Adventure

Sequoias are always my favorite and this time the first of many campgrounds. Stony Creek is super easy to get to and right up the street from Stony Creek Village where there are showers and a little market/ gift shop and restaurant and gas. Very convenient. The campground itself only offers the bathrooms. Our site was right next to a wall of boulders that you could climb out onto and see the stars and when we were having breakfast a group of deer came to see what we were doing and we're obviously regulars. The campground is also about a half mile hike from the big falls and with some effort just follow the creek until it turns into the falls. There's no actual trail so you have to make your own route but so worth it. Lodgepole is of course the hotspot of the Sequoias but this site is just as good. I'd camp there again without hesitation.