This place has it all!

One of my favorite places to camp when visiting Hawaii. They have volleyball, tubing, rope swings, snorkeling, just to name a few. This place is also super green. It receives the most rain anywhere in Oahu. They have some pretty cool cultural events where you can learn how to roast a pig, fire dance, etc.

Clean Campsite, water is very clear

This campsite is very well priced and the water is very clear to swim in (somewhat cold). My only complaint is that there is a lot of mosquitoes but it's not a problem if you bring a lot of bug spray. Gorgeous place.

This place is way fun

I went here and did some river rafting and and the zip line. It was a little on the pricey side but well worth it. The place is full of trees and great for hiking.

Great place for hikes and mountain biking

This place has some good areas for hiking and mountain biking. This place does have a lot of black bears so make sure you put tassels and bells on your bike before venturing off into the woods.

Great place if like Zika

The mosquitoes here are terrible. I came here early on a holiday to get a good spot and was ambushed by swarms of mosquitoes. You can literally watch them raise from the ground ready to attack. Plus, these aren't your typical mosquitoes. They are ginormous. Normally in this situation I would run and jump in the lake. Not this lake. It is full of who knows what and has enough green slime to turn you into a ninja something.

On a positive note the amenities are really nice. They have a lot of private dock you can use.

Great place to play Beach Volleyball

This is a great place to swim, set up a beach net, and get a tan. Overall the campgrounds are clean. Sometimes you get some ruffians about but they usually only show up at night.