Brandon R.

Piperton, TN

Joined June 2018

Beautiful park full of history!

This park is one of the best maintained parks that we have traveled to. The campground sites are well spaced out, and the sites that back up to the river are full hookup. Several swings and benches line the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. There is a playground in the middle of the loop, along with a very clean bath house and shelter area.

Just down the street from the campground, maybe 0.5 miles, is the main attraction for the state park. Scattered throughout the hills overlooking the river, there are picnic tables, covered areas, grills, a snack bar, mini-golf, and even a Civil War museum! All of this is well manicured with paved paths connecting it all. You can even take a self-guides walking tour through the trenches dug by soldiers in the Civil War, walking by several cannons and other relics left behind. This state park is rich in history, and you can tell they are proud of it!

The snack bar food was good on a hot summer day, but the prices are a little steep for what you get, and you have to pay to go through the museum. With that being said, I didn’t mind paying those prices if it means they will continue to maintain this beautiful state park!!

Tightly packed campground, but worth it!

They packed in these campsites! Most are very close together, but because there is so much to explore, you won’t be at the campsite long. There are several waterfalls to see here. A few are even accessible by car and the a short walk down a paved access. Plan your trip here to last at least 3 days. It will take you that long to walk all of the trails and take in the beauty!

You need to camp here!

Petit Jean is a beautiful state park! The campground is very well maintained and has very clean bathhouses. The campground is split into two main sections. Section A is on the lake-side of the main road. It is full hook-up with very level sites, and there are several water front sites that book up pretty quickly. Directly across the main road is section B. This section has water and electric. Most of these sites are level enough, and include tent pads. Some of the sites weren’t laid out well, and have the water and electric on the wrong side or very far away. Definitely bring extensions for your utilities. There are two other sections attached to B that open up during the busy seasons. These areas are pretty tight to get into, and very few are level. I’ve seen some people with their rigs lifted over a foot on one side! As far as things to do, there are TONS of beautiful trails and things to see! The Mather lodge serves great food with a view that you won’t forget. A walk down from the lodge leads to the bottom of a gorgeous waterfall, although the amount of water definitely depends on the season. Rangers are very nice, and offer fun things like owl hunts and other educational tours. This is one of our favorite places to take the family! And don’t forget to check out Petit Jean’s grace site for some incredible sunrise views!

Great Campground and disc golf!

Wall Doxey is a well maintained campground. The sites are far enough apart to not feel on top of your neighbor. The playground could use an update, but it does the job keeping the kids entertained. The highlight for us is the disc golf course the winds through the pine forest. That also leads me to the one negative…the pine trees… If you are camping here anytime during the warmer months, be ready to pick ticks off of everyone! other than that, this is a great campground for tents or RV’s with water and electric sites.

Nice campground right in Memphis!

We camp here often just to get out of the house. The campground is well maintained with a clean bathhouse and fairly spacious RV sites. The playground is right in the center of the camp site loop. There are trails that run through the woods around the campground, though they could use a little more foot traffic to keep them clearly marked. The one issue that you will read about in every review is the smell of the close by dump. We have camped here a lot, and have only experienced the smell once. It definitely takes away from the beauty and quiet of this small campground, but depending on the weather and wind, you won’t be bothered with it often. You do have to drive through some of Memphis’ not-so-nice neighborhoods to get here, but once you get there, you would never know that you are in Memphis! We love this campground for a quick and easy get away with fast access to all that Memphis has to offer.