Boyd T.

Arvada, CO

Joined August 2019

A safe haven on a long drive

I'm not sure how Lander makes this work, but they do(and I wish more cities could do the same). We pulled in after dark needing a place to sleep and this place is more than we could have expected. Level ground and lots of room, so it was easy to find a spot for our trailer that required no backing up. Bathrooms nearby. Dark and quiet area(doesn't feel like a parking lot). There is a large gravel area with a couple large trees for RVs, trailers, vans, and such. There's also a large grass and trees area for tents adjacent. The whole area is next to a large riverbed with lots of vegetation along the banks. Everything seems clean and well-kept. Lander seems like a really nice town. It's relatively lush, unlike the surrounding country, and feels like an oasis. The signs say the city allows three day's camping and I would be happy to do so if I were ever in the area for an event(apparently there's an apple festival next week!). There's no fee, but there is a sign suggesting donations to the city park service which certainly seems reasonable if you can swing it.

Truck stop that allows overnight parking

There's not a lot out here, and when you need a place to sleep, it is an oasis. We asked at the counter and were directed to a more or less quiet area we could park our trailer to spend the night. They were very nice about it and clearly some other folks were doing the same. 

This is a fairly major truck stop, so the sound of traffic is constant. It's open 24 hours. 

Cell service is solid with Google Fi. There's free wifi, but we couldn't get it to work when we were here. 

Bathrooms are reasonable. Showers and laundry available. 

There's also a sit-down restaurant.

Lovely campground with minimal frills

No reservations. No bathrooms, just porta-johns. But these were maintained scrupulously on our visit. 

Heavily wooded area, wonderful views of Mt Meeker and the surrounding peaks. Campground host was friendly and helpful. We arrived around 3:30 on a Friday and had several sites to choose from, but they filled fast and after 5 or so it was a long parade of folks disappointedly driving through. 

Chipmunks and hummingbirds throughout the area. A quick and gorgeous drive to Estes Park to the north. No water, bring your own. Hostess had firewood for sale. Lots of easily accessible slash around the area for fires as well.