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Lincoln, NE

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Loved the Big Horns

I loved camping here! I want to warn you about getting to this campground. We came from the city of Big Horn which is on the east side. The Red Grade Road up into the mountain range is interesting. Its very rocky and very steep, I have a chevy impala which at times I didn't know if I was in the right place. Once you make it to the top of the mountain range, it starts to widen out and get better. The farther and farther west we went, the better the road became. There is a lot of wildlife along the trip, and many ATV trails. Camping was great. Many people pull off on the side of the road and camp anywhere. There are only a couple actual campgrounds until you get to the western side where there felt like there was a campground around every corner. If your looking for an adventure, I would recommend checking this place out

Very well kept campground

Just a quick disclaimer on my 4 star review. For most people this would be a 5 star campground however I gave it only 4 because I personally like campgrounds that offer more seclusion. This is a very nice campground. The lawns were nicely mowed, and the roads only had a couple potholes. There is a lot of nice shaded areas. Each site is equipped with a fire ring and many of the locations have a picnic table. There are a couple of the spots right along side the lake. There is a small playground for the kids across from some nice restrooms. There is also an area to fill water tanks before entering the campground. All in all, I would recommend this place to a friend or family

Nothing spectacular

Its been several years since I've been here but this park is nothing to write home about, it's quite small but there are plenty of shelters to rent and picnic tables. The beach was clean with plenty of open water to swim.

Love this place! True Alaskan experience

I've stayed at this cabin twice and absolutely love going here. It is perfect place to camp with the family or make it a boys trip. Easiest way to get to the cabin is from Sitka, takes little under 2 hours by boat. Near the cabin, there is great crabbing across the bay and decent shrimping within a 10 minute boat ride. There is one mooring buoy to tie up to so bring a raft to get to shore. Outside the cabin, there is a couple benches around the fire pit and a rope swing. There is some pre-cut wood alongside the cabin, otherwise you can always scavenge for more wood. I would bring an ax. There is also a tire swing next to the fire pit. Inside the cabin, it is small but easily slept all of us (5 guys). Bring all your own camping gear. There is also a little wood stove inside the cabin to help warm it up at night. Only warning, be on the lookout for bears, there was multiple signs of them so don't leave anything outside

Best campground in Custer State park

This lake is beautiful, its one of my favorite places inside Custer state park. There are a ton of trails, all within easy walking distance. Make sure you pack plenty of water. Some of the hikes are pretty steep and South Dakota in notorious for fast changing weather. The lake itself can be pretty busy, especially during the weekend. Lot of people swimming and kayaking. Needles highway is a must if your in the area

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Quiet campground off the beaten road

This is a great place to camp! It felt very remote even though it's right alongside the road. This facility doesn't have access to water or public restrooms so plan accordingly. It does however offer amazing views of Castleton rock. The start of the trail head is located right in the parking. There is only a couple areas that have leveled tent spots but there is plenty of other areas to set up a tent. This is a tent only location, no RVs

Great backcountry camping in Zion!

This is very remote backcountry camping with very nice up kept tails. Before camping here, you need to get a permit from the park service. They fill up fast so make sure you reserve early. Also make sure you carry your permit with you, we were stopped by park rangers along the trail. There is plenty of access to water along the trail so no need pack a bunch in as long as you have a way to filter or treat it. We stayed in camp #6, dipper camp. This camp site was very spacious, enough for a couple tents to set up, with areas in the shade. As far as I could tell, they were all really nice tenting spots with plenty of distance between you and another camp.


Busy campground but very great location to many of the attractions

Impressive but very crowded

There is basically two trails, one that goes directly around the tower and one that is a more distant loop around the tower. The inside loop is very crowded with people, but it's still worth the hike.

Wonderful getaway!

This is a very secluded cabin, accessible by boat or float plane and only a few miles from Sitka, AK. Located on the inside waters so it typically is very calm. There is really great crabbing and fishing near by. The cabin itself is spacious, but bring all your own gear including diesel fuel for the for the heater. Great cabin to stay in for the true Alaskan experience

A must see!

This place is so cool, the rock formations are like nothing I've ever seen before. It feels like you are walking on another planet. Once in the park, you can hike anywhere you want, climb any of the boulders. It was worth the stop even though it was a ways off the interstate

Falls are only a short hike away!

This is worth the stop on your drive up the North Shore. There is a beautiful visitor center with clean bathrooms. The falls are only a short hike on a very well maintained trail. Went while is was sprinkling so not as many people there as usual. Areas for swimming on the nicer days

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Great place for a short stop

The park is located ~20 miles from Crawford, Ne. Many of those miles are gravel roads. The park is full of a lot of very neat rock formations. There is a ~1 mile long looped hiking trail inside the park that has markers so you can read about the land and how the rock was formed. There is an outhouse style bathroom available and half dozen camping spots with fire rings.

Perfect place for a picnic or spending the night

Chadron State park is located just a few miles south of Chadron, NE. There are many nice picnic areas throughout the park, some big enough to host large groups. They also offer cabins to rent if you plan on staying the night. Drive through the park and you can enter in to Nebraska national forest which has amazing views out to the prairies and farm land below. One of the best places to watch the sunset!