Bentley B.
Chattanooga , TN
Joined March 2019
Absolutely terrible experience

I work out of town, night shift I bought a camper for use while I work. I was in this area working a power plant shutdown. I was at this campground which is overpriced for one, for a week. I didn’t know how long I would be here at this shutdown I was told somewhere around 7-10 days so I told the lady working the front desk that I would pay for a week and then might need to tack a few days on if need be. A week rolls around I go to the front desk after working all night and I’m ready to go to bed but wanted to pay for a few more days before doing so, she informs me that I have to move my camper to a different spot because someone else is coming in who prefers the spot I’m in even though he will be paying the same price I am. Annoyed I was nice and just told her I had no problem moving because all I do is work and sleep, doesn’t matter where I’m parked. I pack up my entire camper to move then I get fully setup in the new spot just as I’m about to go into my camper to go to bed my new neighbor told me about him not having electricity hence the giant industrial generator outside his camper. I go inside my camper to check, I have no electricity. I’m just tired and ready for bed I was very annoyed and went to the office where the front desk lady rudely told me she already had an electrician coming out later that afternoon. This is when I realized she knew all along she was moving me to a spot that was messed up so a new guest would stay. Needless to say I called around and found another campground and got a refund.