Beatrice G.

Souderton, PA

Joined June 2018

25, married Christian who likes being outside.


Buffalo everywhere. They aren’t afraid so be careful - one nearly started chasing us. Thankfully we were in our car. I approached one with my camera and got some cool pics. Did get a spider bite while we were there but didn’t get sick.

love it

Our fam lives in Clearbrook and we always take a day trip to Itasca when we are up visiting. Great lake tour. Didn’t see any moose, though!

An awesome stay.

We slept here for four nights when we were driving through the Badlands and travelling west to Crazy Horse. Weirdly enough, in the office we met someone from a town over from us in Pennsylvania. Super weird but friendly group! The KOA was good. One night was so windy that I thought our tent was going to fly away with us In It. You could hear coyotes and other animals out in the hills and the river nearby. it was very peaceful. I do wish they had a different spot for tent campers and vehicle campers because we didn’t have electrical capacity because we were surrounded by RVs. It would have been nice to charge our phones and my Canon battery since the Badlands are so beautiful. What did rock was how close we were to one of two restaurants in Interior. they had great coffee and good breakfast! we went every morning.


We LOVE Ralph Stover! The trail is really awesome and there are plenty of quiet wooded places to hang our Eno. There is also rock climbing if you have the right gear. The river is beautiful as well. An awesome place to go.

Nice Day Hike

This is a great place to pitch a hammock and hang out for a few hours. They have a lot of land so it’s easy to find a secluded spot to hang out away from paths and people!