Austin H.

Milwaukee, WI

Joined June 2019


Came in about 10pm. Almost hit a stray dog. Map is absolute spaghetti. Camp sites are marked on the map but it doesn't matter because there are dozens of paths between any two points that vary from two way maintained gravel to one way rocky ravines with puddles where you can't see the bottom. Entering the area where there is supposed to be sites is a 30% grade gravel road full of potholes. You will not make it with 2 wheel drive. Signs were incredibly unhelpful. "3350b: hike, camp, motocross, bike, everything else" for every direction. Kiosks inside have topo maps instead of campsite maps. Are also outdated because many paths shown were closed.

Do not attempt at night or without 4wd. Might be fine during day if you can see farther than a stones throw? If you're a tired dude just trying to find a place to sleep, this isn't it.